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Email Marketing New trend?

Email Marketing New trend?
Email Marketing New trend?

Email Marketing has grown very popular over the recent years. With the lockdown hitting most companies hard rendering them unable to afford most traditional methods of advertisement. They resort to in order to ensure their survival in such a competitive environment.

email marketing is a highly effective direct way to communicate with people you think can turn into customers if given the proper information at the right time. This provides companies small or large with huge growth opportunity and 2 with dedicated firms, it allows them to select niche leads which they think might turn into profitable customers if targeted properly.

Email marketing is extremely important for businesses, even though currently; spam-filters are introduced which regulate the flow of most email marketing, if sent the right way, they avoid these filters and reach their potential customers. Experts state that email still remains as a very effective way to nurture customers and boost their loyalty.

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Email is a very direct communication channel which most individuals (up to 90%) check daily. This means that there’s a large chance your email will be viewed. Moreover, your email-list is something you own, I.e your social media accounts can be blocked or suspended but your email lists remain yours which allows you to bounce back up in case an issue ever happens.

According to experts, customers who buy products online spend up to 140% more on email from offers. Moreover, as email marketing is extremely cheap and as stated above in these current financial times traditional methods of advertisement may not be feasible for most companies, email marketing has suddenly shot up in popularity and due to tis cheap investment cost, it has a very large return on investment and has up to no downsides whatsoever.

Email marketing has turned extremely popular in the past couple of months and will continue to do so with the increase in individuals working from home checking their e-mail daily. AS most people now shop online, this allows companies to post healthy shopping lists to their email clientele and generating a healthy income.