Electronic watch for children as a safety issue

How to find out what is happening to the child, where he is and whether he needs your help. Electronic watch for children as a safety issue.

Electronic watch for children as a safety issue
Electronic watch for children as a safety issue

Most children do not like to be supervised, but in critical situations they really need your help. How to find out what is happening to the child, where he is and whether he needs your help. Electronic watch for children as a safety issue.

Smart technologies, along with information about time, weather, steps taken, allow you to maintain constant communication, determine the position in space and much more. They make it possible to guarantee the safety of children.

A great gadget for all parents who value their child and his safety, will be a smart watch, which can be purchased at any specialty store.

A smart children's watch-phone is not only an interesting gift for every child, but also a new level of security, as well as your peace of mind for her. Modern smart watches have good ergonomics and attractive appearance.

They already combine good functionality and a very affordable price - now almost every family can buy such a watch.

What is it for?

Periodic analysis and monitoring of the route of the child's movement from home to school, as well as during walks is useful to avoid unforeseen situations. Of course, it is worth being in constant contact with the child. You need to make sure that she can report the problem quickly if it occurs suddenly. A smartwatch in this case is a good solution.

The multifunctional smart watch is a simplified and light version of the smartphone, in addition, even the smallest child will easily understand how to quickly call for help or sound the alarm.

Modern models allow:

  • Accurately locate your child using your own tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  • Receive a message on your mobile gadget if your child has changed the usual route from home to school and back.
  • Receive an alarm if a smartwatch has been removed from a child's hand intentionally or accidentally.
  • In addition, some models can be used for calling and receiving messages, as well as standard smartphones. They can be programmed in the widest range by setting alarm buttons, alarm bells and more.

If necessary, you can always remotely connect to your child's smartwatch to hear what is being said and what is happening around it at the moment.

GPS watches allow you to save all children's movements and their routes for a specified period of time. This information can be used for security control.

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An important feature of children's watches is good protection against dust and moisture. High-quality models have a shock-resistant body and are presented in different colors.

Which watch to buy

There are a lot of offers and the problem of a wide choice is solved by establishing criteria. Think about your needs and requests, and take into account the wishes of your own child. Every aspect is important: design, reliability, durability, ease of development and safety.

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Cameras, games, and other "chips" are probably not the most important features to look out for. Control and security is a priority.

Important aspects of choice


The appearance of the gadget may not be so important for parents, but the child pays a lot of attention to it. Kids will be happy to wear a watch made in bright colors with characters from famous cartoons. Adolescents choose more uniform colors: boys black or blue, girls - red, pink or yellow. There are several popular unisex options, including gold, gray and white.


The display of a "smart" watch can be of three main types - a typical LCD screen with (buttons) control, a full-fledged touch screen or a combination thereof. The touch option is very convenient: you can answer calls and type text messages with a few taps.

However, this often increases the cost of the watch. The option is simpler and cheaper - a monochrome LCD display with buttons, which is perfect for the smallest users.

Exercise control

Some devices will track the number of steps taken and calories burned during the day. More advanced and expensive devices will monitor sleep and count heart rate. All this, of course, is not very interesting for parents, but increases the price of the gadget.

Water resistance and durability

Children's "smart" watches will be accurately hit, so you need to check their protection from water, dust and mechanical impacts. Protective glass on the screen prevents scratches.

Watches with water resistance level IP67 or IP68 allow you not to worry about the serviceability of the device even in the most intensive operating conditions.

Compatible with smartphone

It is important to think about the compatibility of the watch with your phone. The most accessible platform is Android. The watch with iOS also provides interaction with the iPhone, but there is no special version of the Apple Watch for children yet.

Through the mobile application, parents can monitor the child's activity status, which is monitored by sensors on a "smart" watch. If you have a microphone, you can hear sounds within a few meters of your child.

Location services

You need a SIM card device to monitor your child's location. GPS watches tell you the geolocation of the device, sending coordinates via satellite. It is possible to determine the location via Wi-Fi, if it is nearby. Reliable children's smart watches have a geozone sensor, LBS function (LBS function in children's smart watches allows you to determine the approximate coordinates of the owner on the signal of mobile operators when the GPS signal is not available) and Wi-Fi.

Programs and applications

The ability to play games on children's smartwatches is not a basic need, but children will appreciate such parental attention. It is important to understand that the games are unlikely to be interesting on a small screen.

Built-in selfie and photo cameras can come in handy. Some smartwatches allow you to send text or voice memos or call 15 saved numbers. Video calls are possible, but this is not a universal feature.

There may be some communication ability between other children who use smart watches of the same brand. Smartwatches for children do not accept calls from unknown numbers, from banks and other financial institutions, do not broadcast advertisements.

SOS alarm

Some watches are equipped with an SOS button for warning - when you press for five seconds, one of the parents calls. If the first number does not match, the second is called.

Battery life and autonomy

Parents, of course, want all of the above to work for as long as possible, so battery life is very important. Manufacturers indicate the battery capacity in milliampere-hours (mAh), usually the time between charging children's watches from one to three days.

Short summary

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a smart watch for your child. Take our tips into account and make sure you have a device that your child likes and has important safety features for your personal peace of mind.