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Earth is spinning faster than it has since 50 years

Earth is spinning faster than it has since 50 years
Earth is spinning faster than it has since 50 years

Scientists now believe that the Earth is a bit faster since it will be shorter than 24 hours as the planet is rotating faster than it has in 50 years. Since the last year, a full day has been taking less than the usual 24 hours. The shortest day since scientist have began keeping records of day has been about 1.4 milliseconds shorter than about 24 hours. This has been quite difference from a very long time since the Earth generally took much longer to complete a full rotation. The International Earth Rotation and Reference System in July talked about how there will be no leap second added to the world official time keeping in December. Earth is spinning faster than it has since 50 years.

Like leap years, leap seconds are time adjustments as well. Timekeepers have developed the IERS system that adds leap seconds to 27 days since about the 1970s. The most recent one has been added on the 31st of December 2016. Atomic time is now kept in line with solar time which has thus been keeping satellite as and communications equipment in synchronization according to the Daily Mail.

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Leap seconds are always added on the last day of June or December the next possible date is rumored to be on the 30th of June 2021. On a 2015 study published in Science Advance talks about how global warming may be the reason why the Earth is getting speedier in its rotations. As the glaciers are melting, mass is being redistributing causing the planet to shift and change its own axis. According to scientists, days now on average about 0.5 seconds shorter than the usual 234 hours. The same time difference can only be noted on the atomic level now and experts have talked about how the impact is somewhat insignificant.

Timekeepers are talking about deleting a second from time which will be labeled as a negative leap second which might be needed if the earth’s rotation increases further. It is too early according to scientists to talk about if something like this will actually happen.