E-book for school children: which to choose

tablet, which allows you to stay in the media space and keep up with the rhythm of modern life. E-book for school children: which to choose.

E-book for school children: which to choose
E-book for school children: which to choose

Technology has long been an important and integral part of life. They make our work easier and leisure more comfortable and interesting. Now everyone has a multimedia gadget - a smartphone or tablet, which allows you to stay in the media space and keep up with the rhythm of modern life. E-book for school children: which to choose.

Unfortunately, many people now "forget" to read the books on which generations were brought up. If you want to achieve something meaningful in life, if you want to meet a high social status, then reading is a necessary condition for obtaining both professional knowledge and information that expands the understanding of the world around us.

If you study at school or college, then you have probably faced the problem of lack of a book, when it is especially needed. In addition, the need to carry printed publications to work or study is often tiring - it is inconvenient.

Some people choose a tablet or smartphone as an alternative to a traditional book, but there is a better and more practical option. This is a monochrome or color e-book that will perfectly replace dozens and hundreds of printed publications.

Why buy an e-book

The textbook now retains the status of a leader in the school. As many years ago, students carry textbooks to school. At the same time, the e-book can contain all the textbooks at once, and this is its undeniable advantage.

Now children are easily oriented in technology, they will find the right page and textbook, quickly and effortlessly download to the device not only textbooks but also reference books, books needed in literature lessons.

An e-book is a modern library, and mastering it at an early age for life will develop the habit of reading. It is children who are the first to feel the urge for technology, and using an e-book is a pleasure, not a duty, for them.

And what about a paper book, will it disappear from use? Yes, it is likely that in the near future it will be replaced, it will remain an element of culture for a certain part of the population. The paper book has its appeal - turning the pages, the smell of the cover, the fundamentals. Thirty years ago, every family had a bookcase or shelves with books. And as a need, and as a sign of belonging to the educated class.

E-ink technology in e-books now has advantages over LCD screens. The main thing is the illusion of plain paper and typed text, because the screen does not glow and the text is read in reflected light. The screen does not consume energy in a static state, it is needed only when turning pages. This is the second important advantage over the screens of tablets and smartphones - minimal power consumption and no need to charge the battery every day. Well, the advantage over a paper book is that ten thousand of them can be stored on one device, a whole library. And it will be several times cheaper than a library of paper books.

Which e-book to choose

Today, all manufacturers have reached a decent level of quality, and although there are many models, there are no bad ones among them. Devices differ in screen size, weight, method of control: button or touch - the amount of memory, the number of formats in which book files can be presented, the presence or absence of backlight. As well as the function of Internet access, a way to download information - Wi-Fi or cable, the ability to listen to audiobooks and music.

There are many more small details, but the main ones are listed above, and this list allows you to make a list of priorities based on the estimated budget.


Since we are considering devices for schoolchildren, we choose a screen made by E-ink technology. It is an information display technology designed to simulate ordinary printing on paper. It allows not only to save energy, but also to protect the eyes of the child, because there is no flicker of the screen. Screen size is not the main criterion, because the font size can be any. The presence of illumination is convenient, and the absence is not critical, because paper books do not have illumination.

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Autonomy and battery life

Operating time on a single battery charge is an important characteristic. E-ink technology requires such low energy consumption that modern devices work without recharging for about a month. However, additional features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, backlight, headphones, etc. reduce battery life. But still it's weeks, not days.


The simplest and most accessible devices have retained button control. It does not require energy and fully satisfies the need for reading. Touch - more comfortable and has become commonplace. There are screens with two-layer touch control, where the second layer allows you to take notes in the margins of the book while reading.

Size and weight

The school may recommend a book size that is close to the size of the textbook. The big screen is more convenient, but the weight also increases. The most popular book size is 6-7 inches and weighs 200-300 grams. All devices on the market have dimensions in the range of 5-13 inches. The choice is rich.


The price of a book depends on many factors. Now on the market there are models costing from low to high. The price depends on the country of manufacture and the capabilities of the "reader". Both cheap and expensive devices perform a basic function - to meet the need for reading. Often the child has a fairly simple device, everything else depends on the capabilities of the parents.

Recommendations and advice from experts

Where to buy an e-book? We recommend placing orders on specialized sites with a wide range and reviews of real buyers. Here you can always ask any questions that interest you and consult if necessary.

Consider some models that we have selected in several popular categories.

With maximum screen size

Onyx BOOX Note3 is an option for those who do not look for compromises, you get a model with a diagonal of 10.3 inches and a resolution of 1404 by 1872. The built-in memory of 64 GB is enough to store thousands of electronic volumes (if necessary, you can use external memory cards to increase the volume).

The reader uses E-ink technology and supports all major formats. The weight of the device is about 380 g, in addition to the book itself, a USB cable, stylus and a protective case. For the true connoisseur and lover of books, this is an ideal option that can be used as an image editor.

Compactness and minimum weight

Pocketbook 606 Black is a device with a screen diagonal of 6 inches and weighs only 145 g. Its dimensions are 161 by 108 by 8 mm, which allows you to easily carry the gadget in your breast pocket. The reader is surprisingly easy to operate, safe to view, supports 20 book and graphic formats and is equipped with a memory card slot. Of the pros, it is worth noting the additional functionality in the form of games (solitaire, chess, and snake) and a calculator. There is also a built-in dictionary.

The best value for money

Pocketbook Inkpad 3 Pro 740 you get a device with a 7.8-inch screen and a smart backlight depending on the external lighting. RAM and built-in memory is enough to download and read hundreds of books in the most popular formats.

There is support for Wi-Fi networks (built-in web-browser), the gadget is equipped with games, calculator and dictionary. It has protection from dust and moisture, so you can safely take it with you to nature

The best functionality

Onyx BOOX Nova2 has everything you need for comfortable reading in all conditions.  You get a gadget with a 7.8-inch screen with a capacitive sensor. There is support for multi-touch for reading and scaling.

The included stylus allows you to make notes and sketches. You can also draw with high accuracy by recognizing 2048 degrees of pressure. Powerful processor and 3 GB of internal memory guarantee comfort during everyday use.

The device has a built-in dictionary with the ability to download the versions that interest you. There is support for all formats, including audiobooks. Protection against moisture and dust meets standards and requirements.

Inexpensive and productive

Evromedia E-Textbook One. This is one of the most available versions of the e-book today with a screen diagonal of 6 inches and support for all major formats. In addition, one battery charge is enough for more than a month of active reading! You can download books for free from the Internet and read them on Evromedia One, simply by dragging the desired file into the folder of the e-book connected via USB to your personal computer or laptop.

At last

E-books (or, as they are called, readers, readers) have a future. A student who develops and succeeds in the future will be grateful for its acquisition. Smartphones and tablets have plunged children into an uncontrolled flow of information. And this already harms the unstable psyche. It is a worthy goal to focus their attention on books with the help of a modern technical device.