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Does technology helps education?

Does technology helps education?
Does technology helps education?

Technology helps education in many ways. Throughout the course of the decade, more technology is being used in class-rooms between teachers and students and also in the student’s day to live students. All of this, has led to a net positive effect on the educational system as a whole around the globe. During the global COVID 19 pandemic where most students could not attend regular schooling or universities.

Applications like google meet, zoom, discord and other social media applications quickly filled the gap allowing teachers and students to easily communicate with each other, perform tests or even submit their final year thesis. It has helped education in numerous other ways: it has opened pathways to various new courses like computer sciences and bio tech etc. These courses have opened the path way for various new students to explore their passion.

Technology has also helped education in numerous other ways. With the introduction of proper administration systems, attendance regulatory system, social media apps like LinkedIn and Facebook have helped connect thousands of professionals and educators together while also allowing them to seek employment by contacting various organizations and companies directly.

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Moreover, technology has helped diversify and globalize thee education sector with online classes being conducted for various universities around the world. Institutions like Harvard offering most of their courses for free for anyone to watch and learn from have had a very positive effect for the education sector as a whole.

Technology and education have gone hand in hand in the modern 21st century with more educational institutions using solutions like online classes, grading, examinations  etc to make it easier for students and themselves in the pandemic while also aiding professionals find perfect candidates for their organizations.

Overall, technology in education has had an exceedingly high impact on the improvement of every sector especially in primary and secondary institutions. Therefore, it is clearly seen that technology has indeed helped education by a very large amount and without it, the pandemic would have hit young students much harder.

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