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Does drinking cold water accelerate the aging process? Learn more in this article

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Does drinking cold water accelerate the aging process Learn more in this article

Most of the people want to drink cold water in summer because it quenches their thirst but drinking cold water there are also disadvantages. According to experts, cold water is drunk during meals. So for this reason, the fat present in the intestine freezes and accumulates in the body instead of being digested, which is dangerous for health and also causes weight gain. In the human body, the process of metabolism is constantly going on, due to which energy and new cells are created on the one hand, along with some waste materials are also created, which are excreted out of the body through the kidneys, but cold. Water makes it difficult to remove these toxins from the body. Due to drinking cold water, the functions of the kidneys are affected due to which the toxic substances cannot be removed from the body and due to their presence, the person grows rapidly towards old age. People who are addicted to drinking cold water like to drink cold water in every season. And they feel that their thirst is not quenched without cold water. One that you should remember that experts say that for those who drink cold water very much, so cold water is completely harmful, but ordinary tap water is not. Cold water has many benefits as well. Cold water shrinks the walls of the stomach and reduces the secretion of digestive juices from them. Due to which the food is difficult to digest, cold water also increases the fat in the body, increases the toxins in the body, causes pain in the muscles and joints of the body, increases muscle stiffness due to drinking cold water. Due to which there is pain while moving these muscles, cold water can also cause pain during menstruation. Drinking cold water slows down digestion, causes premature aging and can cause constipation.