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Does a pen or pencil affect your handwriting?

Does a pen or pencil affect your handwriting?

Pen and pencil have been the main ways students are taught how to write in modern day education. Children are forced to write with pencils as it is thought they might make mistakes and then are yet again forced to write with pens as that is what is used in their professional day to lives. When doing this, a question arises, is there a difference between writing with a pencil or a pen and does it have any negative or positive affect on the handwriting of a student. pen or pencil affect your handwriting.

Experts agree that writing has got nothing to do with the equipment but rather the practice that a particular student has received. Even more so, everyone has a different style of handwriting that is unique to them. This means that in essence it really does not matter if you write with a pencil or a pencil. However, students do feel that their writings when it comes to a pencil is generally better simply because they have spent most of their learning years using a pencil.

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This would indicate that children have a better sense of understanding and learning when they are using something that they have used in their early learning years. The main issue parents feel with giving pens to their children at an early age is the fact that pens are not erasable and younger children are prone to making mistakes. Moreover, pens create quite a large amount of mess and children are also prone to being irresponsible which leads to parents giving them a pencil and then switching to pes later as they get older. This practice while okay and not detrimental leads to children almost always not reaching their true handwriting potential with a pen.

Modern experts agree that children should solely rely on trying to fix their handwriting with a pen alone. This means that children should be given erasable ink free pens that avoid both the issues parents face to ensure their handwriting stays beautiful and clean whenever they switch to different types of pens.