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Do you find it difficult to study? 8 tips on how to study exams more efficiently

Do you find it difficult to study? 8 tips on how to study exams more efficiently
Do you find it difficult to study? 8 tips on how to study exams more efficiently

You know you’ll have an exam in a few weeks. You feel anxiety and discomfort before starting the exam. You ask yourself how to manage everything and learn what you need. Where should I start, how am I most efficient, is it okay to do something fun at all during the exam period, or do I have to lock myself in the apartment or the library and say hello to friends and acquaintances for a few weeks. 8 tips on how to study exams more efficiently.

Calm down. These feelings are common, but you can deal with them. It is very much about you being in control of the situation. It is you who decides on the exam study and not the other way around.

As an aid along the way, I have also compiled some solid tips that will help you study exams effectively.

  1. Create a positive feeling about studying

Creating a positive feeling around the exam can be difficult because it is something you simply can not get away with. I suggest that you turn it around and see the exam study as a fantastic opportunity to familiarize yourself with something you will benefit greatly from, both during your education and later in your professional life.

  1. Be serious in your attitude towards the plug

You have set aside time in life to study and you take out a loan. You have everything to gain from being serious in your attitude to exam study.

  1. Make a plan for the study

Make a three- or two-week plan and write down what is to be done each day until the exam.

By making a plan or a schedule for your exam study, you create an overview and do not have to start again every day, you can instead start each day by looking at the schedule so you know exactly what to do.

With the help of a plan, you can also evaluate every day and see that you have done what you planned.

  1. Collect notes, pencils and literature

Gathering everything you need for exam study makes it a lot easier. This means, among other things, that you make sure you have all the notes in order, writing pads, pencils, highlighters and course literature.

By collecting everything you need, you will spend less time running around and looking and thus the risk of being distracted is less.

Reading tips! The font that makes you remember more for the exam

  1. Create understanding among friends and family for your exam study

A trick is to tell your friends and family that you are now entering a period of exam study. Then you create an understanding that you can not be so social for a certain period of time.

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  1. Exam study with fellow students

My experience is that on one or a couple of occasions during the exam study I had the great benefit of sitting with my fellow students. Because have you thought about how much you teach yourself by explaining something to someone else? And that a fellow student’s explanation of a tricky problem can be much easier to understand than the one in the course literature?

Studying for an exam together with others can lead to real aha experiences that you will greatly benefit from during the exam itself.

  1. Reward yourself

You spend a lot of time studying for the exam, you invest seriously, you have a pretty good grasp. Of course you should reward yourself from time to time. Go on a fun workout, cook something good, go watch a movie, have coffee with a friend.

Reward creates balance for hard work and gives new strength to continue towards the goal.

  1. Mentally recharge the last two days

Now it’s almost time. Now you should finally be able to show what you stand for. Spend the last two days before the exam to recharge mentally. Think of elite athletes and how important the mental part is to them.

If you have done everything you should, you can even treat yourself to take it easy these days. Calm, as in walking around and pepping and mentally charging for the exam. Think positive thoughts about the exam. Because if you have ticked off the above points, you will most likely make it. And should you not do so, there will always be a re-examination.

Good luck with your exam studies and also on the exams you will write in the future! And you know what, exams and re-exams are part of student life. No more no less.