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Do we need smart whiteboards in classrooms?

Do we need smart whiteboards in classrooms?
Do we need smart whiteboards in classrooms?

Smart whiteboards or the purpose of smart classrooms have become a contest of debate for many years now. Most educators think that is very important for the classroom especially in the 21st century where a lot of things can be done through augmented reality and generally using presentations and annotations makes it much easier for students and teachers to get the point across. However, most institutions and government grants do not prioritize getting things such as smart white boards because they are a redundant purchase. smart whiteboards in classrooms.

Smart white boards are boards that include a multi media projector, usually with them comes some computers for the classroom, annotation help, a high speed internet connection alongside the introduction of smart integrated learning features for the classroom which might include interactive learning, virtual reality, augmented reality for the entire classroom in order to allow better comprehension and understanding of concepts and ideas.

Smart white boards can allow teachers to perform presentations on the multimedia projectors and can allow them to draw less on the board saving them time and effort. Moreover, videos and audio can be shown in the middle of the class developing a greater sense of understanding and making the class less boring and dull and more interactive.

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This, coupled with the use of computers in the class which will allow students to research and look important concepts up within the class has led to the growing demand and popularity of smart white boards and the concepts of smart class rooms in general. With the rise of the COVID 19 pandemic, most teachers have resorted to using presentations and other integrated learning techniques such as videos. When the pandemic ends, students will be forced back into the same classrooms.

Students being forced back into class rooms with no smart white-boards is extremely detrimental to their learning process as now they are unable to properly enjoy the features they were receiving from the class before and it also proves that these integrated learning methods do provide a better sense of understanding to students.