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Discard your brain from PlayStation VR 2 specifications with new Horizon

Discard your brain from PlayStation VR 2 specifications with new Horizon

CES 2022 is booming in its heyday, and Sony felt the need to throw in the latest PlayStation VR 2 info here.

So far, it was hinted that Sony’s new VR headset for PlayStation 5 would have to be searched for as the PlayStation VR 2, but thanks to CES 2022, it’s all official now, and that’s really going to be the name of the device. However, it was not only with this info that the blue team was prepared for the event.

We’ve also learned, for example, that the new kind of rechargeable Lithium-ion battery-powered controllers have been dubbed the PSVR 2 Sense (they want to move on the DualSense line in the future), but the announcement of a new game was even bigger.

It is not yet known when Horizon: Call of the Mountain may be released, but at least it turns out that in addition to the Guerrilla team, Firesprite is also working on it – although they were acquired by Sony in 2021, we used to owe them games like The Playroom VR, The Persistence VR, but they also helped develop Star Citizen.

Regarding the hardware capabilities and specifications of the PlayStation VR 2 with OLED display, we learned that 4K HDR picture quality and a 110-degree viewing angle await players (it was only 100 degrees for the first PSVR), with a resolution of 2000 × 2040 and 90 / 120Hz per eye.

The motion detection is solved by the headset itself, so no external camera is needed, the player’s movements are tracked by the helmet itself with inside-out tracking technology. 3D audio is not left out either (Tempest 3D AudioTech does its job here as well), we also get an eye-tracking solution and various headset feedback, in Hungarian the hardware will detect where we are looking during the game (this is provided by one tracking IR camera per eye). ) and, like the DualSense controller, will be able to provide a variety of feedback – we promise to feel, for example, when our character’s heart rate rises in a more serious situation.

As mentioned, you won’t need an external camera to use the PlayStation VR 2, as there will be cameras in the headset itself, plus four at once. The headset can be connected to the PlayStation 5 via a USB Type-C cable. Unfortunately, the hardware itself has still not been shown to us, so we still don’t know what the PlayStation VR 2 will look like, and the price and release date aren’t revealed yet.