Digital natives: everything you need to know about them

Digital natives: everything you need to know about them
Digital natives: everything you need to know about them

Digital natives are babies born in the 1990s who were born in the middle of the digital age. For this reason, they are children with high logical reasoning abilities.

It is indisputable that nowadays technology is part of our lives and thanks to it we can perform many activities. few years ago it was not like that. We were not so technology dependent, so many people have had to adapt to this in recent years. Those born knowing this technology are called "digital natives".

When we talk about digital natives, we mean a generation that was born in the age of technology, which gave them the ability to move in a digital environment.

Who are the digital natives?

It was Mark Prensky, a writer and education lecturer who introduced the term "digital natives." He did this for people who were born in the nineties because they were born into a world where technology was already of great importance in society.

As a result, they have greater opportunities and skills to use digital tools and devices. Digital natives are overly related to technologies as they use them for everything: learning, communicating, buying, entertaining, etc.

The cognitive structure of digital natives is different. When they start working for a company, these people bring different values. For this reason, many companies take into account the characteristics of this generation and hire these people to improve their productivity and harness the potential of these digital experts.

Digital natives - 6 things you should know

Nowadays, we live in the environment of technology and we are nobody without phones, tablets, computers or the Internet ... These things have become necessary in our lives, and a few years ago it was unthinkable. We will see some features and interesting facts about digital natives.

They have great intuition and logical reasoning skills

These kids are used to relating concepts to actions, so they're always looking for a reason for what they do. All this is also conducive to the study of certain fields related to science and technology, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. To perform these types of activities, they need logical thinking to find a solution to the problems they encounter.

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They need interaction to learn, memorizing is not enough

As they learn, they need feedback to know that they are doing well. For this reason, the best learning method for digital natives is to engage with a topic. And the opportunity to participate in activities and challenges that make them feel that what they learn is useful and enjoyable.

They are self-taught and like to create content

These kids don't usually ask the adults when they are in doubt. They look for answers to their questions on the Internet. These are children who are very well informed and can fulfill their need for knowledge via the Internet in seconds.

Digital natives are also very good at creating interesting content, game guides, YouTube channels and much more. Especially older kids.

They have a much more open mind

Because they grew up surrounded by technology, they don't understand boundaries and communicate with people all over the world. This generation is discovering many cultures, customs and ideas as they interact on various forums, sites, while playing online games ...

They tend to have friends from all over the world which makes them much more open and less traditional minds.

They are very active on social media

These digital natives manage not one but many social networks and they do it with ease. They are constantly connected to the world through networks and also feel the need to share what they do through them.

This is one of the points that may worry parents the most, as their use must be very well controlled. The misuse of social networks can cause problems.

Digital natives are usually more impatient

They are used to being immediate because on the Internet we can get everything in a very short time. Because of this, they get used to the fact that whatever they want they can get immediately, just like they do in the digital environment. With one click, they download, play or find the information they are looking for.

So it is important that we convey to them the importance of effort and patience, two fundamental values ‹‹necessary to be successful.

In short, digital natives are the children of the technology generation and exhibit special characteristics compared to those who grew up without and had to adapt to. They were born when technology was already an important part of our lives, so their way of thinking and behaving is closely related to it.