Development Mindset: Be the best version of yourself

thoughts about yourself have a big influence on you. This is the key to becoming the best version of yourself. Development Mindset.

Development Mindset: Be the best version of yourself

You are what you think, you feel what you think. Surely your thoughts about yourself have a big influence on you. This is the key to becoming the best version of yourself. Development Mindset.

Development mindset is about working to become the best you can. No matter what others think of you or who you are now. Your task is to show the world your potential and determination to become the best version of yourself.

When you set to grow, you can break patterns and limitations and move forward with new confidence and optimism. Strategies like these can help you be more positive and improve your well-being.

Usually people approach life in two ways. First, there are people who follow a growth mentality and, on the other hand, those who follow a constant mentality.

If you are in the first group, you believe that your talent can continue to grow and improve. It is about developing your potential through hard work, perseverance and new solutions to achieve success.

In contrast, a very common motive is the belief that "you already have everything you need." This entrenched mentality rejects any attempt to improve or be better. It closes the door to all challenges to go one step further.

These types of people play it safe, follow the same rules, the same outdated strategies. Surprisingly, the latter mentality can be found in many people and also in many companies.

Then, when you least expect it, a soft voice appears in your head telling you not to change anything, do nothing and stay where you are. Why change anything?

Does it remind you of something? This means it's time to find out how a growth mentality can help you become the best version of yourself.

Development orientation: Your potential is greater than you think

Your mind can influence your life - without you knowing it. You are what you think and you feel what you think. Certainly, your thoughts about yourself have a big influence on you. They are the key to making you a better person.

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If a student is praised for intelligence or skill, he or she does not always face personal challenges. Why? Because he may think that he is not on a par with the others. He will not go beyond his comfort zone, he plays safely. It's not just about saying to your child, "Hey, you're very intelligent." It is so much more.

If a student's effort is praised, you teach them the value of hard work by helping them achieve their goals. That way, he will have a better picture of himself. He will not hesitate to take on new challenges. He will see it as a way to prove his abilities and see how far he can go.

Whatever mentality you teach children or young people about will be reflected in their actions. This is included in Dr. Dweck's conclusions in the 2007 Stanford Report.

You are more than you think you are

People are used to labels. There are those who have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), others have depression or anxiety, others are introverted and vulnerable, others hate math, and still others are incredibly intelligent.

When someone tells you who you are, even as a passing attention, you may feel that this is what you are - that you are that person, that is what you are doing. This is especially true of children, who are conditioned by what adults say about them. Nobody taught them to try a different approach.

A development mentality means knowing that a label does not define you. Yes, you may feel nervous more than others, or maybe math isn't your forte, but that doesn't define you. You are defined by your behavior.

If you start to think differently, you can improve your reality and everything around you can change for the better.

In his book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Dr. Dweck teaches how to apply these strategies in your daily life to stimulate a development mentality:

  • Understand that everyone has certain skills in life. However, real talent comes with practice and hard work.
  • Take on new challenges every day.
  • Have a positive outlook.
  • Praise constructive criticism. It helps you grow. Ignore other comments.
  • Discipline, persistence and openness. Success is no coincidence. Each win or change requires hard work, discipline and self-confidence.

In short, working for development means accepting yourself, but at the same time being able to change. Change and movement are part of your DNA as they represent evolution and continual learning.