Developing Creative Thinkers and Innovators for Tomorrow

to provide our youth with the best of local and international education and experience. Developing Creative Thinkers and Innovators for Tomorrow. 

Developing Creative Thinkers and Innovators for Tomorrow
Developing Creative Thinkers and Innovators for Tomorrow

In Conversation with œBehram Shah" 

Mr. Behram Shah is the Business Development Manager of œNGS Preschool

1. Tell us about yourself and give an account of your journey at NGS?

Ans. My academic journey began at NGS Preschool for my early education years, and then I continued on to Aitchison College, Lahore. I completed my undergraduate degree from University of Manchester, UK in Economics and Business Studies. Returning back to Pakistan in 2013, I joined my family business, NGS Education. I will continue to dedicate myself to the education sector.

2. Tell our readers about the culture of NGS?

Ans. NGS strives daily to uphold its motto: education transcending the classroom. Our commitment to excellence is primarily based on building and shaping the nation™s future.

3. What is the student strength of your school?

Ans. Our student strength is 1000+ students across the campuses and growing every day.

4. Which curriculum do you use or follow?

Ans. We follow Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.

5. How significant is the structured and unstructured teaching methodology in our education system?

 Ans. Structured teaching is paramount in building the framework of a student™s creativity and intelligence. At NGS, we believe in guided independent learning and exploration for the enhancement of critical thinking. We have worked tirelessly in building a strong STEM research department to give our students the right tools to ask the right questions.

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6. Do teachers have opportunities for professional development in Pakistan?

Ans. Yes, indeed. NGS has been at the centre of teacher training in Lahore since its inception. We are proud to boast of a teacher-training centre, headed by Dr. Sahar Qadir, who holds a PhD in Education Management from University of Cambridge, UK. The department primarily focuses on implementation of new types of learning in the classroom and beyond. Furthermore, NGS also works closely with British Council and Cambridge Examination board for annual training workshops and seminars.

7. Do you think students have opportunities to make their future here in Pakistan?

Ans. Absolutely, Pakistan is thriving with opportunity and resourcefulness for a budding professional. Our higher education department, universities and research centers all over the country are spearheading fantastic projects and collaborating with international partners to provide our youth with the best of local and international education and experience.

8. As an educationist can you tell us about the problems you face from the side of the parents? 

Ans. At NGS, parents are our partners and collaborators in providing students with the best quality education at school and beyond. We believe in working closely with them on a daily basis, whether face-to-face or online, to resolve arising issues and queries.

9. What is the future of NGS as an organisation?

Ans. We are exponentially focusing on quality expansion inside and outside of Lahore. Specifically, we are proud to announce our services in south of Punjab with the opening of two new state-of-the-art and purpose built campuses in Sadiqabad and Bahawalpur. Additionally, we are also working in building a dynamic career-counseling department under the guidance and expertise of Mr Ryan Young, University of Cambridge.

10. Any message for our young readers?

Ans. I encourage Informal readers to work and collaborate together to learn from each other and utilise one™s educational journey for the greater good and service of humanity for the burgeoning success of a community.