Depression - You Can Overcome It!

We face the problem of depression more and more often, so it is important to seek help from a psychologist who will help us get out of the

Depression - You Can Overcome It!
Depression - You Can Overcome It!

We face the problem of depression more and more often, so it is important to seek help from a psychologist who will help us get out of the well we found ourselves in. Why?

Because, contrary to what it may seem, depression requires more than willpower and clenching of teeth to overcome depression: it requires the use of various tools to help us in this process.

The functions of the psychologist in this situation are different. First, it will deal with confirming that the depression you suspect actually exists. Secondly, even without being able to issue a prescription, he can refer the patient to someone who can order pharmacological treatment, very effective especially in the first stages of therapy.

And third, it will establish a plan of action or appropriate treatment for the patient and accompany it in its introduction, able to adjust it and ensure its follow-up after the depression is resolved.

We undoubtedly recognize that depression is not necessarily a state in which we are active and able to change or acquire new habits that we will maintain and that will bring us results. Therefore, in addition to willpower, intelligence, an action plan developed by a specialist or drug treatment is also important.

Insulation may be needed, but will not lead us to a solution

People with depression usually feel tempted to acquire new habits that feed the depression itself: one is isolation from the others. We do not want to see anyone, we are constantly sad and the gym, painting lessons, music ... everything we liked to do before, what motivated us, made us feel fulfilled, now we are completely indifferent.

Perhaps this time off and distance is good in some cases and for a short period. Especially when depression started as a consequence of prolonged stress. However, in the long run, ending these "melancholic" habits is essential to overcome depression.

Fighting depression is possible if we act in opposition to what is calling us. We don't want to leave the house? Let's go out with our friends. We don't feel like sports? Let's get up early in the morning and without thinking, grab our backpack and go to the gym or go jogging among nature.

Taking the first step, we will see that it is not that difficult and even turns into pleasure. Maybe not the consent it was before, but that makes it worth even more.

The most important thing is to break out of this cycle into which our inertia is leading us or into which we have fallen. We have already stated that there is no point in going in the same direction all the time that we will not change anything.

New hobby

So one of the key steps to overcoming depression is to introduce new habits or return to those we enjoyed and abandoned.

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Some of them, such as playing a musical instrument that we no longer like, are not worth resuming. While there are certainly many others that we feel a certain attraction to, we do not take up the challenge as it takes some effort to start. An effort that seems to us to gain the upper hand for our little strength.

Going to the gym and talking to friends or strangers, going out with friends we've always put off with some excuse, starting to eat healthier (practicing so-called mindful eating), and exercising in the right amount will be important steps that will take us away from depression.

Why? They are just conducive to creating moments where we feel better.

Very good. We already know that depression will go away when we resume or look for new activities that make us feel good. By facing and making an effort to recover habits that we liked or to try new ones that we may like. But¦ what else?

Writing an emotional diary is a way to deal with depression

Before, we said that one of the hallmarks of depression is that it promotes self-reflection. He tells us and leads us to a state where thinking seems easier.

Okay, we can use this to try to get to know ourselves better and organize our emotions. If our internal order is not functioning well, let's analyze it and look for a new one.

At this point, writing can have a very positive effect and allow us to vent our emotions as well as track our mood swings. Thus, it gives us the opportunity to go back to our own words to discover that we have repeated mistakes and be more aware of the situation in which we find ourselves.

Many professionals consider writing a form of therapy, and they have good reason to do so. Sometimes we can't or won't tell anyone what is happening to us. But we feel the need to let it out in some way.

Keeping an emotional diary is very important, not only when suffering from depression or some other problem. This habit has healing properties. Naturally, at first it will be difficult for us to browse the pages where all our pain has been presented. Over time, however, it will turn into a need to feel, rejuvenate, and heal.

Until we are able to browse these pages as if we were reading a book. At the same time, liberating yourself from memories of experienced situations that are now a thing of the past.