Definitely not only FIFA. The best sports games worth buying

And this is what sports games allow for, read for fun. Definitely not only FIFA. The best sports games worth buying.

Definitely not only FIFA. The best sports games worth buying
Definitely not only FIFA. The best sports games worth buying

Sport is health. And while this is true, many people also appreciate virtual competition on pitches, dance floors, tracks and other arenas. And this is what sports games allow for, read for fun. Definitely not only FIFA. The best sports games worth buying.

A sports game, i.e. playing alone, online or at a party

Nobody can pick up one of the sports games. In this case, it is not appropriate to say that these are proposals aimed at a specific type of game. The vast majority of them should prove themselves with those who prefer to play alone, as well as among people who prioritize multiplayer struggles. In fact, many sports games can also be a good addition to the event. A couch, two pads and a quick FIFA tournament? Or maybe the same, but as part of the strengthening of the father-son relationship? There are also a lot of proposals that are also suitable for children. What's more, you can often play not only against yourself, but also in cooperation by joining forces against a common opponent.

The undoubted advantage is also the diversity of this species. Most people will first think of the FIFA series, but if you look closely at the offer of individual publishers, you may be tempted to say that almost everyone should find something for themselves here. Of course, less popular sports cannot count on such large and periodically appearing games devoted to them, but that does not mean that it is completely dry.

Best Sports Games - TOP 5 New Games

·         FIFA 22

·         NBA 2K22

·         Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

·         Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

·         Riders Republic

The list we have prepared focuses on the latest sports games. Therefore, you will not find here, for example, Deluxe Ski Jump 2, which has become extremely popular in its time, and the tournaments played at school or at work evoked a lot of emotions. Nor will we mention Sensible Soccer or consider picking the best part of Pro Evolution Soccer. We chose newer games, but ones that are actually worth buying.

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FIFA 2rably2, prefe in the version with HyperMotion

After many years, it can finally be said that FIFA has become unrivaled when it comes to the virtual kick ball. A lot of credit goes to Konami's problems with eFootball 2022, but you also have to tell EA that it really worked this year. Well, at least when it comes to FIFA 22 on new consoles, on which it offers by far the most changes compared to its predecessor. First of all, the HyperMotion technology noticeably changes the struggle, slightly slowing down the pace, but also making the events in virtual stadiums real. The animations, the physics of the players and the ball are much better, the cutscenes before the matches and during them also add flavor. Of course, traditionally, you can count on a huge license (not only for league games, but also international ones) and a lot of game modes, including a career (now also with the option of creating your own club), VOLTA or the most popular Ultimate Team.

The most important features:

·         PEGI Rating 3

·         Language version English

·         Game genreSports, Simulations

·         PublisherElectronic Arts Inc.

·         Producer: EA Sports

·         Premiere date: 2021-10-01

NBA 2K22, because you will not find anything better about the basket

Basketball. In terms of popularity, it is the number 2 sport in the world, although with us it occupies a much more distant place. How many of you are able to provide the current PLK master without Google? It is quite possible that there are more followers not native games, but those taking place overseas. NBA 2K22 focuses on them and it does it very well, which we confirmed not so long ago in our review. The statement that this is the basketball equivalent of the FIFA series will probably not be offensive. And here there are many game modes, there is no shortage of licenses and one of the best visuals when it comes to sports games. It's just that it ends up being a 5v5 struggle.

The most important features:

·         PEGI Rating 3

·         Game genre Sports

·         Publisher2K Sports

·         Producer Visual Concepts

·         Release date September 10, 2021

Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, to the gold medal

The Olympic Games are the moment when there are more and more experts and fans of athletics and many sports, which are usually considered less exciting, or even niche. The official game prepared for the event in Tokyo allows you to try your hand at 18 disciplines. The variety is large, because there are also football, basketball or tennis, but there are also 100-meter runs, relay races, boxing and a hammer throw that is very close to Poles' hearts. It seems that everyone will find something for themselves here. The more that you can compete alone against artificial intelligence, but also in cooperation and multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. And we are not going to hide, this is one of those titles that are perfect for couch cooperation. Graphically, it was not focused on the greatest possible realism, but in this case it does not turn out to be an objection. The more so because it was decided to depart from strict adherence to standard sportswear. A slightly looser approach to the topic, but it still draws the competition for medals.

The most important features:

·         PEGI Rating 12

·         Language version English,

·         Game genre Sports

·         PublisherSega

·         Manufacturer Sega

·         Release date: 2021-06-22

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, not only for those who remember the originals

Some people probably have a tear in their eyes. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a set not only for slightly more experienced players, the younger ones should also have fun here. The refreshed versions of the first two installments of this once extremely popular series are no worse than the originals of their time. The assumptions of the game do not need to be explained to anyone, we jump on skateboards and demonstrate dexterity worthy of professionals in this discipline. Perhaps not right away, but after a few moments and mastering a few tricks as much as possible. The remasters look much better, of course, and the soundtrack has been preserved, but this is absolutely no objection, but a big advantage.

The most important features:

·         PEGI Rating 12

·         English language version

·         Game genre Sports

·         Publisher Activision Blizzard

·         ProducerVicarious Visions

·         Premiere date2020-09-04

Riders Republic, for those who want to feel a bit of adrenaline

Ubisoft has focused on the subject of extreme sports for the first time. In the past, however, the effects were average, with the newly debuting Riders Republic, a lot of positive opinions quickly appear. Bike, skis, snowboard or wingsuit - something for everyone. It is important that the struggle takes place here in an open world and it is really attractive to the eye, because it was developed on the basis of the famous national parks of North America. You can play alone or in multiplayer mode. Not just any, because up to 50 players and offering various types of competitions and events.

The most important features:

·         PEGI Rating 12

·         Language version ,English

·         Game genre Sports, Network, Co-op

·         Publisher Ubisoft

·         Producer Ubisoft

·         Premiere Date: 2021-09-02

Other good sports games for fans of other sports

·         Football Manager 2022 - FIFA from behind the scenes, that is, first of all, management

·         Pro Cycling Manager 2020 - you will play both as a manager of a cycling group and as a cyclist

·         EA Sports UFC 4 - MMA fights with extensive Real Player Motion

·         F1 2021 - racing, but after all, it is focused on the queen of motorsport

·         Ultimate Fishing Simulator - not only for fishing fanatics

What sports game are you playing or having recently enjoyed? Impressions from the above-mentioned or recommending further ones in the comments section are welcome.