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Dark Web Monitoring – what is it and why should you use it?

Dark Web Monitoring - what is it and why should you use it?
Dark Web Monitoring - what is it and why should you use it?

We live in times when personal data is of special value. How to check if your data is on the Dark Web, exposed to hackers? Although it seems impossible, it is not that difficult – a solution called Dark Web Monitoring is used for this. Dark Web Monitoring.

  • What are the threats to your personal data?
  • How do you know if your data is on the Dark Web?
  • How can you get Dark Web Monitoring?

What are the threats to your personal data?

Cybercriminals are people who use modern technology to try to carry out illegal activities. One of them is the theft of personal data. By “personal data” we mean not only information such as name, surname, age, address,  but also the bank account number, login details to websites (i.e. password + login), as well as to various types of services, including including paying. The consequences of such theft can be huge – for example, you may unexpectedly discover that money has disappeared from your account, or someone uses your funds to make online purchases. If a burglar breaks through the password firewall, then there is nothing to prevent him from making his changes.

Many people think that they are not affected by this problem. For example, they don’t shop online, so where’s the risk? But … You pay by card in stores, right? If there is a security breach and the data stored on the servers of the sales network or the bank itself falls victim to the attack, the burglars may end up with your card details and … it can be different. If you buy online and have a few favorite places, you probably have an account in one of the stores. Anyway, online stores themselves encourage its establishment, tempting with promotions and special occasions only for registered people. And that’s okay. However, it is worse when a given store or digital payment operator becomes a victim of hacking. Then your data may fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, fighting data theft is an eternal struggle. Security makers are constantly battling hackers. Every new security, however impracticable it may seem, may be broken sooner or later, in response security specialists will create a new one, hackers will work to break it, and so on endlessly. What about information that was stolen in leaks? They very often find their way to the dark corner of the web – the Dark Web. It’s a place made for forbidden business – including drug and weapons trafficking. In addition, “goods” on hidden forums include, inter alia, personal data obtained from hacking.

How do you know if your data is on the Dark Web?

You’re not responsible for website security, so you can’t help but hack them. The question then arises – is there any other way to protect yourself from the effects of such unpleasant incidents? The first that comes to mind is changing the passwords to the websites from which data was stolen. But this automatically raises the question – how do I know if my data is on the Dark Web? Nortonlifelock, the global leader in cybersecurity, offers Dark Web Monitoring. This is a feature worth recommending to anyone who does not want to be “wise after the damage”.

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What exactly is Dark Web Monitoring? As the name reveals, we are dealing here with a service that monitors places on the Dark Web where personal data is traded. Checks, inter alia, private forums, social networking sites and the so-called. “deep web” searching for disclosed data using a specially developed for this purpose monitoring technology. It is an extremely advanced solution that will check if your data is somewhere on the Dark Web. If this happens, it will send you a notification immediately, allowing you to quickly change passwords for places where your personal information is used. Thanks to this, you will warn potential criminals – they will acquire your data, but it will turn out to be out of date!

How can you get Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring is available on all plans (except Norton 360 Standard). Importantly – after the service is launched, a one-time scan of the Dark Web is carried out going back to … 2008! Thanks to this, you will find out if your data has not suffered from previous leaks. After this check, the function starts working in real time. But Nortonlifelock’s offering isn’t just that. Choosing Norton 360 Deluxe package – which you can use both at home and in the office – you get the option to protect up to five devices.

It is worth emphasizing – the protection covers both Windows systems (from Windows 7.1 SP1 inclusive), as well as macOS and mobile systems – iOS and Android. You also get Secure VPN (included) as well as 50 GB of cloud space to back up your data. Of course, the program plays its primary role in this, which is protection against viruses. In addition, Norton 360 allows you to use a password manager – so in the event of a data leak, you can create a new, unique and extremely strong password, which you can replace the one in the hands of criminals. This is not the end. The package price includes parental control tools and webcam protection, which is very important nowadays.