Dare to step into Apple: you don™t need a SIM card for the iPhone 15

Dare to step into Apple: you don™t need a SIM card for the iPhone 15

According to the leaked information, Apple is working with a UK company to create an iPhone that will only be able to use eSIM. SIM card for the iPhone 15.

While even the arrival of the 2022 iPhone 14 seems very far away, for now, you can already hear rumors of what to expect from the models that will debut in 2023. The latest one is about what we can expect from the phone - more precisely, whatnot.

According to the Brazilian iPhone Blog, Phone Arena writes that the iPhone 15 Pro, which will arrive in just over a year and a half, will no longer need to look for a SIM card, as it will not be possible to insert one into the phone. Current phones, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro can handle two eSIMs at the same time, and there is room for a nano-SIM. Apple says to work with a UK company to bring together a physical SIM exemption.

Although this is so far the only source from which this information could be heard, this does not mean that the information could not be accurate. Not least because it™s been a long time since you™ve heard that Apple wants to develop a connector-free iPhone, and an eSIM-only phone could be an important step in that direction.

However, the blog notes that in markets where eSIM is not yet available, you could still get iPhones that can physically insert a SIM card.