Dance to keep in shape - which one should you choose?

If you like to move your body to music with different rhythms, dancing to stay in shape may be a great idea for you. Read on to learn about

Dance to keep in shape - which one should you choose?

If you like to move your body to music with different rhythms, dancing to stay in shape may be a great idea for you. Read on to learn about the styles you can practice.

Dance is an artistic discipline that can open you to the world of new movement sensations. You can also go to dance classes to keep fit as they involve virtually all parts of your body.

Dancing is an art that uses various body movements as a way of expressing the emotions of a dancer. This usually goes hand in hand with music and can be used for training, religious or artistic purposes.

Dancing can not only be a way to communicate feelings and emotions, but it can also be used to train and keep fit. In this article, we'll show you how to use dance to keep fit.

Dance and body

This discipline has many artistic aspects. Usually communicates a topic or emotions with a musical setting. However, one of the main goals of a dance lesson is to move our body lightly and elegantly.

Likewise, dancing can combine a type of training with music, feelings, and emotional expression. This, in turn, helps to develop the following properties of the body:

  • Endurance: Dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns a large number of calories. Plus, it helps to easily increase endurance as the mind focuses on the music and enjoys the movements rather than the thought of exertion.
  • Strength: Dancing is a demanding activity that strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, feet, back, hands and stomach.
  • Flexibility: In some dance styles, flexibility is a priority. However, no matter what style of dance you practice, it is always worth working on flexibility and stretch.
  • Coordination: Dancing is a great way to develop good body coordination. There are many complicated steps that require a certain level of coordination
  • Body control: dancing stimulates the connection between the mind and the body. Therefore, it improves body awareness, psychomotor skills and other factors influencing the control of our limbs.

Dance styles to help you stay in shape

If you want to start practicing dancing to stay in shape, increase your self-esteem, and have fun, here are some good options. Therefore, just choose the one you like the most and start today:

  • Flamenco: This dance comes from Spain and is very passionate. Thanks to it, you exercise your legs, arms and arms. A new style known as Fitflamc has recently been developed which focuses on fitness style dancing.


  • Contemporary dance: to emphasize your human and emotional side. This is a great option because in contemporary dance the movements are free and allow for greater expression. Besides, these movements are quick and quite demanding.
  • Salsa: This is an energetic style of dance, with upbeat music and quite dynamic. As a result, you exercise your legs, hips, waist and also release endorphins that make you feel good.
  • Classical ballet: This is a very complex dance style. It helps to develop aerobic capacity, muscle strength, flexibility and body control.
  • Belly Dancing: This enticing and feminine dance is quite popular. And yes, this discipline also burns fat and tones the abdominal area.
  • Hip-hop: this dance uses many cultural and artistic movements, making it a true "street" expression. Plus, it's pretty cool, helps you improve coordination, and boosts your self-esteem.
  • Zumba: This particular style of dance is suitable for people of all ages. In addition, Zumba dancing helps you stay in shape, it uses many musical genres such as bachata, merengue, dancehall and reggaeton.

Pound fitness: it's a different discipline than any other. First of all, the classes include rock music with a percussion section, which helps to keep the rhythm. It is energetic, so it is perfect for strengthening and slimming.

Choose your favorite dance to keep fit

Any of these dance styles will be a great choice to keep in shape. In addition, you can learn new skills and meet new people who share your passion for a healthier lifestyle.

Dancing is an activity that changes depending on the environment and mood. With its help, you can improve your emotional and communication skills. Therefore, if you need an interesting alternative to exercise, look no further and start dancing today.