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CrossFit exercises – 7 basic suggestions

CrossFit exercises - 7 basic suggestions

If you’re thinking of joining a community that trains the exciting sport known as CrossFit, surely you want to know what are the core CrossFit exercises? We will tell you about few of them below.

Very fashionable today, CrossFit is an extensive fitness program designed to use the body’s integral potential. CrossFit’s various basic exercises are designed to strengthen different muscle groups, which is of great benefit to those who train it.

One of the major advantages of this discipline is that it does not specialize in specific skills or focus on specific areas of the body. CrossFit is more a full-body exercise that involves physical exertion and the use of multiple muscle groups at the same time.

In addition, CrossFit not only allows you to gain strength, but also remarkably improves the oxygen and cardiovascular state of a person. Its high intensity is a great way to burn fat and lose weight, which is the goal of many beginner CrossFit athletes.

Basic CrossFit Exercises You Should Know

If you do not already know what this discipline is, it will be useful to know about the basic exercises that CrossFit covers. Below we will briefly explain some of the most important exercises:

  1. Power clean

This is one of the first movements that CF beginners learn. It can be made with a medicine ball or a barbell; many coaches find this movement very demanding and it is also one of the core disciplines in the Olympic weightlifting program.

You need to put the barbell or ball on the ground and grab it by bending your knees and lowering your back, which must remain straight all the time. The next step will be to quickly straighten your hips, move your arms up and pull the bar up so that it rests on your shoulders. You use your own body momentum in this exercise.

To relieve pressure on your lower body, slightly bend your knees. If you are using a medicine ball, you should squat. Remember that the barbells or medicine ball must always be close to the body. Then straighten your legs and stand straight to end the exercise.

  1. Power snatch

In this case, the handle on the bar is wider. Snatch can be started from the floor or from the lap. The exercise starts like power clean. The main difference between power clean and power snatch is that the lifting phase ends with straightening your arms rather than pulling the bar to your shoulders.

When grasping the bar, hold the bar over your head in a squat position and then stand up.

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  1. Front and back barbell squat – CrossFit exercises

Squats are an essential part of your CrossFit training plan. There are two variants: the squat with the bar in the front and the squat with the bar in the back.

The squats with a barbell on the back are no different from those we have done all our lives. It involves placing the bar on the nape of your neck and holding the bar with your hands while bending your knees as if you were sitting.

The front barbell squat usually requires a bit more effort and requires more balance and flexibility. To do it, we have to put the barbell on the shoulders, under the chin. The wrists are bent to support the bar, although most of its weight is concentrated on the shoulders.

Then, with your back straight, elbows raised, and looking straight ahead, you perform the traditional squat.

  1. Overhead bar press (Push press)

It is the same as the bench press that we do in the gym. However, this CrossFit exercise also requires little movement of the legs, which bend and straighten slightly. The movement ends with the arms fully extending overhead.

  1. Burpee – basic CrossFit exercises

It is one of the core CrossFit exercises and also the best known. Burpee is a combination of movements that engage the entire body.

Stand at attention. Then bend your hips, bend your knees, and place your hands on the floor just in front of your feet. Jump back into the plank position and lower your torso in a push-up. Return to the plank position; jump forward again to bring your feet close to your hands. Get up and jump high up and come back to the starting position.

  1. Deadlift, the basis of some of the most important Crossfit exercises

Dedicated deadlift enthusiasts use it as a classic exercise when training in the gym. It is also the basis of many other movements. It starts with a barbell on the floor. The athlete, slightly bending the knees, raises his arms forward and bends down to take the barbell. Remember that you must always look straight ahead.

By lifting the barbell and slightly lifting the shoulders, the hips are straightened, as are the knees and torso.

  1. Thruster

The last exercise we will cover is the so-called thruster, which is considered a basic CrossFit exercise, but is still one of the most demanding.

It basically consists of doing a combination of a squat with the bar in front of you and the same time pushing the bar out in one repetition. Instead of holding the barbell loosely and finally placing it on your shoulders when you are standing, you should keep your arms straight above your head.

Basic CrossFit exercises and tips to master them

Performing these exercises may not be difficult for people who have been training for a long time and have a fit body. However, people with less strength, flexibility and endurance may experience greater obstacles in properly performing these exercises.

In any case, if you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is start with no weight training. Do a few repetitions under the supervision of an instructor who will correct any errors that could lead to injury. Over time, you can start exercising with weights and increase them as your body strength increases.