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Creating calming environment in classrooms

Creating calming environment in classrooms
Creating calming environment in classrooms

Just like us the adults, children are also vulnerable to stress. They feel the frantic energy that goes together with large number of pupils crowded in a small space. School should be pleasant experience for preschoolers. However, sometimes schools fail to observe this aspect of learning and can become absolute overwhelming for little souls. Creating calming environment in classrooms.

Among classroom management techniques comes the responsibility of keeping young learners calm down and it starts with a serene and soothing physical space. A sense of place actually leaves a calming effect on us. As adults like suitable work environments, so do the children. Dedicating spaces for kids at schools help the young minds to concentrate, get absorbed in work and achieve a state of continuous, uninterrupted flow.

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Sensory spaces like creation of separate centers for writing, study or creating are excellent method of doing this. Divide the room in specific zones to makes it feel smaller, cozier and safer.  Seclusion gives a layer of serenity to different areas of a classroom. Setting up a special spot that is meant for physical movement where children can wiggle out or bounce on collapsible trampolines or play with balloons can fulfill the need of recreation keeping children away from stress.

Another effective way is to reduce classroom noise by laying down small rugs to soften footsteps, using curtains and cushions. Most children are sensitive to sharp lights; try replacing fluorescent tubes with bulbs having cozy shades as bright lighting could be overstimulating to young students.