Corn for weight loss (cooked, canned or corn porridge)

forget about a crop that is a source of a huge amount of nutrients and at the same time helps to lose weight - corn. Corn for weight loss.

Corn for weight loss (cooked, canned or corn porridge)
Corn for weight loss (cooked, canned or corn porridge)

When we talk about weight loss or a balanced diet, we usually include cabbage, spinach, avocados, roasted fish with vegetables, all kinds of salads, including fruit. But somehow we forget about a crop that is a source of a huge amount of nutrients and at the same time helps to lose weight - corn. Corn for weight loss.

Its grains contain cellulose, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, vitamins C, K, PP, D and group B. The enzymes in the composition are responsible for the breakdown of fats, and their amount is higher in young cobs, so they are recommended for consumption before ripening. The options for cooking corn are different - boiled in water or steamed, canned, baked and in the form of porridge. Of course, canned is good to use only as a last resort, when there are no other alternatives. To understand exactly how the culture should be taken, we introduce you to two options for losing weight with corn.

4-day corn diet for weight loss

The essence of the corn diet consists in the consumption mainly of corn porridge, canned or boiled corn. Its duration is 4 days, for which you can get rid of 3-4 pounds. Nutritionists advise to repeat the diet at the earliest one month after the end of the four-day period.

The enzymes contained in corn kernels actively break down fats that enter the intestines. Subcutaneous fat remains intact, prompting the body to use it to produce energy. That is why the lost weight does not return and the new weight is maintained for a long time.

Among other things, corn has a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is the reason for the beneficial effects on the body: rejuvenates cells, speeds up metabolism, improves digestion.

Allowed and forbidden foods during the corn diet

During the period, freshly cooked corn, canned or in the form of porridge can be consumed. The best option is the first, because it is the young corn that fully provides the body with the necessary enzymes, vitamins and minerals, therefore the results will be better.

In any case, during the first two days of the diet you should eat 500-700 grams of corn (this is approximately 3 cobs) in four doses. Along with this, you can eat an unlimited amount of raw vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage), leafy vegetables as well.

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Fruits are allowed, except those that contain a lot of sugar (grapes, melons, bananas). You need to give up sour varieties of apples, which neutralize the action of enzymes. Meat and fish dishes should be completely excluded from the menu.

Drinking unlimited fluids is key, but drink only water. Try to drink at least 2 liters a day, including other drinks, which if you still decide to afford, should not be sweetened.

Sample menu

  • First day: 700 grams of corn (prepared at your choice), a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, flavored with corn oil and green spices. Divide the food into 3-4 intakes for the whole day.
  • Second day: 100 grams of stewed mushrooms can be added to the menu from the first day, and fruits in the evening. Don't forget about the water.
  • Third day: reduce the amount of corn by 1/3, and that of fruits and vegetables remains unchanged.
  • Fourth day: the corn portion should be half of that on the first day of the diet, again you can afford a portion of mushrooms.

Three-day diet for weight loss with corn porridge

One of the most notable diet products to help lose weight is corn porridge. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines, helps to purify them, normalizes digestion, prevents putrefactive processes in the intestines, eliminates metabolic problems.

This dish improves metabolism, removes fats, toxic and radioactive substances from the body. Consumption of porridge does not lead to allergic reactions. It is suitable for inclusion in the menu of both children and the elderly.

The essence of the diet with corn porridge

The regime is three days. During this time, eat only porridge prepared with water. Feeding should be 5-6 times a day.

As for drinks, the daily intake should be at least 2 liters, and they may include green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.

The cardiovascular system, the condition of the skin and even the oral cavity.

Although you are not on a diet, experts in the field advise at least 2 times a week to eat breakfast with corn porridge.