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Consulting services

Consulting services
Consulting services

Consultants, it’s way too expensive and only for large companies, right? In the past, this was often the case, but today they are increasingly also used by small companies. Consultants are in fact very valuable when you need specialist skills, but the work is not extensive enough to have a permanent employee. Consulting services.

Public procurement

Many companies do well in selling only to individuals or companies, others focus on both customer groups. What many forget or have not familiarized themselves with is a third, very extensive market: business with the state, municipalities and county councils. There are certainly those who opt out of public procurement because it seems too slow and bureaucratic and that can sometimes be true. But there are countless examples of companies that have built up a very stable and thriving business by focusing on public activities.

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At first, there are a lot of things to learn, but if you get help from outside, you will get started quickly and also get many both profitable and valuable tips that you can use in future negotiations. Magnus Josephson is a consultant and advisor to a number of the most successful companies in public procurement and has helped several companies to both ten- and twenty-fold their turnover in between five and ten years.

Accounting and financial statements

As a new entrepreneur, there is not always money to hire external help with the paperwork, but as the business grows, many people notice that there is less and less time to take care of accounting and finances. It also becomes extra difficult when you are not really at home and have to look up and control everything you have to do. But do you benefit from doing it yourself? If you hire an accounting firm, they have already done the same work for many others, are up to date on laws and regulations and can handle in an hour or so the work you probably need days and weeks to put together. Days and weeks you can instead work with what you make money on.