Conscious movement as a way to release stress

resources of psychophysical fitness in times of great uncertainty is already a necessity. Conscious movement as a way to release stress.

Conscious movement as a way to release stress
Conscious movement as a way to release stress

Physical activity is an important and effective tool that has a direct impact on stress levels and human emotionality. It supports the maintenance of a relative balance in times of crisis and instability. We are designed to release the tensions that are felt not only in the body, but also in the space of our internal experiences. Regular physical effort counteracts the effects of nervous system overload, provides greater mental resistance and reduces the risk of numerous diseases. Building resources of psychophysical fitness in times of great uncertainty is already a necessity. Conscious movement as a way to release stress.


We live at the highest speed in a culture of multitasking and constant search for solutions. Every day we are subjected to situations that generate stress and overload the nervous system. Strenuous work, haste, lack of sleep, improper diet and hydration are often ignored.

They lead to exhaustion of the body manifested by a drop in mood, energy deficits, poor motivation - and finally, a powerlessness of the body. It is a state in which each task will be a great challenge and just thinking about it will provoke avalanches of stress. Excessive subjective stimuli weaken mental resilience. In a situation where the body does not have adequate resources to neutralize the impact of stress, we feel a state of permanent fatigue. It also lowers the level of all life activities. If we do not change our habits, ways of reacting and we do not take care of our mental condition, these symptoms can turn into a number of health problems. Research shows that people in conditions of chronic stress are less able to cope with everyday problems and bear much higher health costs. How to take care of psychophysical fitness and relieve tensions in the body?


We have no influence on many matters of everyday life. Instead, we have an influence on our own reactions. In search of health, all the tools that supply us with energy "for life" turn out to be indispensable. Relaxation techniques, work with the breath, mindfulness - are often underestimated. Meanwhile, everyone who works consciously with the breath experiences how it can regulate our nervous system. Conscious breathing is the basic building block not only for athletes, but also for people starting various forms of development or therapy. Inhale is an active stimulation and mobilization of the body. Exhale brings you complete relaxation and gradual calming down. Breathing is the most effective regulator of internal tension. Immediately after the breath comes awareness of one's own needs and thus increases body awareness. Its limitations, locks and possibilities. Working with the breath and mindfulness allow us to strengthen the body on a psychophysical level. This means that in difficult situations we will more efficiently return to a relative balance. The techniques practiced every day will work for us, especially in crisis moments.


The practice of movement, which can take various forms, creates unlimited space for working with the body, and thus also with emotions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the regularity of training (unless, of course, there are medical contraindications for this).

Movement, like breathing, changes our body - it releases tension. These changes are visible in our articalure, face and overall vitality. Physical activity is not only an improvement in the physical condition and efficiency of the body, but also to a large extent a regulator of emotions. An effective tool for reducing stress and strengthening mental resources (resilience, self-esteem, agency). Sometimes we do not even realize what overloads we are operating under. Only physical pain provokes the moment of stopping and listening to the body. It is also the last moment to use exercise as an effective method of fighting stress.


The very first minutes of warming up mobilize the energy in the body. The release of endorphins triggers a sense of happiness, joy and relaxes the tight muscular corset. In movement, we also learn to accept and be open to what is happening. For people, circumstances, music and surroundings. Above all, there is room for spontaneity, naturalness and self-expression¦ a real source of strength. This shows how connected the mind is with the body. And although we will not compensate for many years of neglect, for example in articalure defects, with the movement alone, it is worth trying to neutralize any overloads written in the body.

Any movement that nourishes the body and releases the breath is a good movement. It is especially important nowadays to look for a suitable space for activity. It should bring joy, but also leave a feeling of greater comfort in the body. The concept of holistic training based on working with the mind, body and spirit brings tangible results. Systematic and correct movement should bring relief on each of the above planes. The chosen activity finally evokes pure emotions of excitement, contentment and satisfaction. The initial compulsion is replaced by habit and finally by the need to move. Inspirations come in motion. Remember that the level of effort should be adjusted to our abilities and any limitations felt in the body.

What type of traffic to choose?

Any high-intensity exercise (for thrill-seekers) will benefit your health and reduce tension. Running, swimming, water training, dancing, cycling, martial arts, aerobic and strength exercises. Everything that builds us and gives us a sense of agency. Take small steps to great effects.

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The form we choose, its appropriate selection to us, determines the quality of our life. My choice and the recipe for cleansing the body at all possible levels is water. Aqua Fitness is an excellent form of relaxation and intensive training. During classes, I use water as a great medium to relax and strengthen the body. Water is a unique source of strength and energy. It is an unlimited development potential for the organism. In addition to all training goals carried out during classes, it gives us a sense of agency and lightness. Each class is also a space for the flow of pure energy that triggers free, deep breathing.

Body & Mind

For many years, a strongly developing trend of conscious movement has been a rich concept of Body & Mind training. Pro-health, relaxing and calming workouts. These are calmer exercises with an atmospheric musical setting. The primary function of the classes is to maintain a balance between mental and physical health - in line with the principle of "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Such classes are full of relaxation and allow you to feel the energy flowing through our body. Here, precision of movement meets breathing. This is a great value on the way to body awareness, movement awareness and, above all, breath awareness. Reaching this awareness is a long process that requires our time, attention and commitment. However, the body will thank you.

You can start taking care of your physical health at any stage of your life. Sometimes it is enough to change harmful habits and catch the moment in flight. Focus on yourself, your own experiences and mindfulness training lower stress, protect health and improve overall mood. The practice of spontaneous movement in dance or intentional exercise brings enormous benefits on a mental level. Without coercion and pressure, but for the sake of health and a sense of fitness.


Stress and human emotions are embedded in the body in the form of chronic tensions. The tensions provoke physical pain and stiffening the muscular corset. It lacks flexibility, and its movements are devoid of life and spontaneity. Each body carries a life story within it - joyful enthusiasm, but also retained traumas. Alexander Lowen, the creator of bioenergetics, also emphasizes in his publications that when the body defends itself against emotions resulting from difficult experiences and chronic stress, very strong energy blockages are created in the body. Tensions and stiffening make us lose contact with the body. The flow of energy in the body is obstructed. We feel the joyful flow less, but we are also less able to read warning signals. We do not cheat the energy of the body. Unworked emotions come back to us like a boomerang in the form of psychosomatic diseases. According to the creator of the concept of bioenergetics, conscious movement leads to the integration of mind, body and soul prompts. This method is based on simple breathing exercises that bring great results.

The body loves movement and remains in silent delight with every intentional movement. Each movement is the energy of life and a subtle dose of inner strength. There are many uncertainties and difficult moments ahead of us. We can stay still, feeling the effects of emotional overload, or choose the right form of movement for ourselves on the way to health. Practice, experience and discover your own resources of inexhaustible strength and life energy.