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Common mistakes that children make at school

Common mistakes that children make at school
Common mistakes that children make at school

We all make mistakes and we learn from them. Our mistakes teach us valuable lessons. They make us wiser and stronger. No one is perfect so why not allow children to make mistakes. When children speak out of turn, it makes them speak up for themselves. It is our duty to tell them that unthoughtful words can hurt others so they should avoid them. Teaching them to think before they speak is necessary. However, they must say something to learn how and when to speak. Common mistakes that children make at school .

It seems children have better answers to life’s mysteries than what we teach them over and over again. Allow them to give answers that might be wrong in our view but may have valuable information than we know. However, correcting the wrong answers and supplying the correct ones is always an option. Let them wear what they want, even mismatch clothes, it is trying out new things that makes them creative and inventive.

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People often fail us; trusting a wrong person will teach them to learn to identify wrong traits in others and only trust people who are trustworthy. Let children trust their hearts and instincts. Let them fall down or create a mess. They won’t learn to stand up and smile unless they fall. Making mess is a strong sign of a happy childhood. No one grows up without messing around. Do not go crazy if a child gets angry and shouts or gets upset.

Children are as humane as we adults are. When they shout, they show some underlying problems. Let them give vent to their emotions then sit them and explain that shouting is not the solution to problems. They need to discuss what is disturbing them.