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Colon Checkup and Colorectal Cancer

Colon Checkup is mainly done in order to check for colorectal cancer which can often times be stopped or down right prevented through regular screening. Cysts known and polyps can be checked before they turn cancerous which is extremely important in order to eradicate the root cause of the issue before it is extended further and the tumor developed turns cancerous which is extremely problematic and may be fatal in most cases. Colon Cancer screening or Colon Checking is a part of the normal screening process when worried about cancer. The American Cancer Society has recommended started screening people at the age of 45 because of the risk of the introduction of colorectal cancer in young people.

Colon Checking and the tests used for it are mainly Colonoscopies, where the doctor looks inside the entire rectum and colon while the patient himself is drugged or is under heavy sedation. A lighted tube called a colono scope is inserted into the patient and that is then used to check for cancerous tumors or polyps.

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Doctors can remove tumors during this procedure and perform a Biopsy in them. The removal of these tumors also helps reduce the risk of cancer. Moreover, CT Scans or computed tomography can be used which is known as a virtual colonoscopy. It required understanding by a skilled radiologist in order for him to make sense of it. This is a viable alternative for patients who cannot have regular colon checking or colonoscopy due to risk of issues associated with being under anesthesia and medication to block the awareness of pain especially if a patient has a blockage in the colon which would prevent him form getting a regular colonoscopy.

Colon checking is extremely important and vital for patients who are at risk of colon cancer. Its to be done by a medically trained professional at all times or a CT skin is the next best suitable alternative. WE recommend going to a doctor after the age of 45 and checking if it is necessary in order to be completely sure and to rule out any chances of suffering from any sort of cancer as they are extremely harmful to the human body.