Class 9th to 12th start on January 18th

Class 9th to 12th start on January 18th
Class 9th to 12th start on January 18th

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases, the federal government has decided to articalpone the reopening of primary schools for a week, while grades 9 through 12 will start on January 18, as previously announced. Class 9th to 12th start on January 18th.

A summit was being held today at the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) to investigate the latest situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

Federal Education Minister Shafkat Mehmud said after meeting with all provincial ministers and health officials that the level of positivity for the coronavirus was still high in the country, causing primary school activities to resume a week.

The minister said the college would continue personal education from February 1.

"Everyone is concerned about the loss of education during the previous blockade, but we need to find a balance to keep the students safe," Mehmud said.

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Mehmood tweeted Thursday, "Even though I really want education to continue, the final decision will be made on the basis of health. Student welfare will always be the priority."

On January 4, he said the government would not compromise on children's health and that another meeting would be held to review the current coronavirus situation in the country.

The federal government had previously announced a step-by-step plan to open educational institutions on January 18, which closed on November 26, to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government has assured parents that they will ensure strict adherence to the COVID-19 SOPs in schools. Reuters