Choose your hobby, enjoy better health

have a hobby, finding one could be the key to your happy aging and a better future. Choose your hobby, enjoy better health.

Choose your hobby, enjoy better health
Choose your hobby, enjoy better health

As you get older, you are much more likely to stick to what you are already used to. He already knows well what he likes, what he is good at, and probably most importantly, what he knows. But new things, in some cases, can provide significant benefits. If you don't have a hobby, finding one could be the key to your happy aging and a better future. Choose your hobby, enjoy better health.

Research shows that people who spend time doing hobbies or other unloading activities, no matter how healthy they are at the moment, are healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life. Research shows that hobbies contribute to:

Our better physical health: research shows that people who engage in enjoyable activities have a lower body mass index, a slimmer waistline, lower blood pressure, and better overall physical function and mobility;

  • Better sleep
  • Lower stress: there is evidence that people with hobbies who enjoy their free time cope with stressful events better than people who do not have a hobby,
  • Better mood
  • Greater life satisfaction, and
  • Stronger social ties

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The benefits of our hobby may not be surprising. The challenge, however, is to find something that can serve as a hobby to get active entertainment in your free time. There are not many rules to follow when choosing a hobby. However, there are still a few.

Hobbies require time and action. This is how they differ from our interest in something. Our interests can inspire us to pursue a hobby, but they do not require action. Hobbies, on the other hand, require active participation such as learning, collecting, building or creating. Basically, they are built on doing things.

If you have established habits and are not usually enterprising, you will have to work to find something to inspire you for your hobby.

  • think about the things you enjoyed as a child or in your youth,
  • visit places such as the hardware store next to you, a craft shop, community center, library or art shop, and
  • enroll in a course.

You can even take a look at your own home and discuss hobbies such as cooking, decorating and gardening

Making sure your hobby doesn't include screens is another thing to keep in mind. Spending time in front of a screen is associated with health risks, does not lead to any benefits and is a waste of time rather than enjoying it. In addition, avoiding hobbies that are related to your job or career is also recommended.

Finding ways to enjoy our free time and extracting as much as possible from each week can improve aging and reduce our risk of disease. Think about what you want to do and get started with it immediately!