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Chances for going paperless system in Pakistan

Chances for going paperless system in Pakistan
Chances for going paperless system in Pakistan

Global warming is a colossal threat that is affecting everyone right now. One way to slow down global warming is to go paperless, small individual steps can lead towards change. We all need to contribute to save paper and reduce the emission of carbon individually. Going paperless system could bring drastic improvement in the world climate and make the world worth living for future generations.

Environmentalists assert that carbon emission and deforestation are among the main reasons for global warming. The second factor can be tackled only by dropping the demand of wood. To handle this issue reducing the use of paper as much as possible is a great idea to follow. All round the world.

The think tanks are emphasizing the lesser use of paper in every filed to cut down the ratio of deforestation. In corporate sector, going paperless is the need of the time and is imperative to global health. Europe is all ready to implement the call for going paperless as it has legalized the process. going paperless is quite feasible as it needs us to scan the paperwork digitally like PDF data format.

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These data organized in simple files could be easily carried via portable medium such as USB and floppy drives. This step will not only make the world greener but also technology-oriented as it will bring in skilled workforce of network operators. As a result, the organizations will be more reachable to internet because the process of data orientation will become a lot more efficient and faster than it is today.

In Pakistan, going paperless at present is extremely difficult given the present social, political and economic conditions of the country. It will mean more consumption of power and more computers which seems almost impossible presently as the country is already facing power shortage and is yet unprepared for going paperless.