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Top-10 goods on market places 2021-2022

When opening an online store or concluding a dropshipping contract, the most important task is to select the goods. There are two key points here: find proposals that do not require large investments, and identify a growing or long-term trend that...


Character traits and personality

Character and personality traits are very important concepts in the context of work and professional development. The way we are significantly influences, for example, our needs, the preferred style of work and the way we function in a group. For...


Cultural Evolution: How Society is Changing

Many people think of evolution as Charles Darwin and his book The Origin of Species. The idea presented in it says that biological evolution happened through natural selection. As a result, the species best suited to survival has evolved. But...


Hypocrisy in a parent – do you know that?

When I grow up, I never… and here comes the experience, a behavior that you don’t want to experience. Do you remember such a scene from your childhood? And now 20, 30, 40 years later, what is your mantra? Hypocrisy in a parent – do you...