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Voice care in old age

Hormones play an important role in voice change that occurs in old age. Learn more about this process and how to take care of your voice as you age from the following lines. Voice care in old age. Today we will give you advice with voice care...

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Best free short courses available right now

Short courses have become the bread and butter of the skills industry. This is when individuals rely on their skills in a particular aspect whether it be cooking or coding to freelance or to pursue a career or get a job just like anyone with a...

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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain

The human brain has always been a topic of fascination for scientists and researchers since the dawn of mankind. The many mysteries of the human mind can still not yet be fully comprehended even by the marvels of 21st century modern medicine. The...

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The Second Wave of COVID hits Europe

The Coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be one of the deadliest diseases of the modern 21st century. It has led to the death of many lives and over a million have currently been affected globally. COVID 19’s first wave was absolutely devastating...

Latest News Technology

Vivo Y20 – A New Budget King?

The Vivo Y20 is a recently launched smartphone by the Vivo company. A New Budget King. It is mainly released in Pakistan and India is aimed for the south east Asian markets. It features very clean specifications and has very good budget-oriented...

Latest News Technology

Who created the World Wide Web?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of the World Wide Web. He is a British Computer Scientist who was born in London to parents who were early scientists. He was interested in Computers since an early age and no one knew he would be the person who...