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Category - Health


Ways to get rid of migraines

Migraine headaches, also called migraines, are excruciating pain that leaves your patient unable to do anything. There is no cure for migraines, but temporary relief can be found by taking home remedies. Experts say that migraine sufferers should...


Suspended training on TRX straps – a few exercises

If you like training with TRX bands, we have compiled a list of exercises that may be perfect for your training sessions. Be sure to read and include them in your exercise program! Suspension training with TRX straps allows you to add an extra...


Artificial Food Additives: Are They Healthy?

Colors, flavors, and antioxidants: these are artificial food additives. Do you know what they are used for and how they affect your health? People have always invented methods of preserving food to make it fit for consumption over a longer time...


Developmental trauma: 6 signs we need to be aware of

Do you know what development trauma is? It’s so common among children that doctors coined this term to explain it. Do you know what development trauma is? For many years, mental health professionals have focused primarily on the shock of...