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What is IELTS will tell you how do you prepare for it?

What is IELTS will tell you how do you prepare for it? What is IELTS and what is it about? We advise you on how to prepare for the IELTS exam. During your educational path, whether in your teens or adults, you come across a variety of certifications...


Why is it worth praising a child

Some time ago, in some insignificant brochure, in a text addressed to parents of early school children, I read the sentence: “Praise is the responsibility of parents (adult guardians) towards their children.” I focused on the strong word...


Medical professions – what are these professions?

The efficient functioning of the health care system requires the involvement of thousands of people working in various professions. Although we usually associate the professions of a doctor, nurse and midwife with medicine, the list of medical...


How to teach modern students to learn

Simple tricks and interesting tips! Revise homework, tell the program here it is, then this, teach this here. Have time for this, this and definitely this! And how much more do you need to make up for lost time during quarantine?! Do you recognize...


6 methods of memory training

Author’s methods of memorization from world-famous speakers, scientists and artists. Every year, most teachers make every effort to tell their students as much as possible about the topic of study. Everyone strives to have time to master the...