Canon introduces the EOS R3

EOS R3 offers all the know-how and speed of Canon's renowned EOS-1 series with the innovation and flexibility of the innovative EOS R system.

Canon introduces the EOS R3
Canon introduces the EOS R3

Canon announces the long-awaited EOS R3 - a powerful sports photography and reporting engine. Combining tradition with cutting-edge technology, the EOS R3 offers all the know-how and speed of Canon's renowned EOS-1 series with the innovation and flexibility of the innovative EOS R system.

Developed with feedback from the most demanding professional and sports photographers, the EOS R3 features over 100 improvements to Canon's mirrorless and DSLR models. The result is a camera that dramatically simplifies workflow and improves the connection between camera and photographer. With a new 24.1-megapixel sensor, the EOS R3 delivers the optimal balance of performance, resolution and speed to offer a great experience for news and sports photographers.

The future is fast

With a new 24.1-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, the EOS R3 offers lightning-fast imaging and enhanced responsiveness. The powerful sensor almost completely eliminates shutter distortion and a fast shutter speed that offers a range of 30 seconds to 1/64000 seconds helps sports photographers freeze their fastest subjects. Using the electronic shutter, photographers can capture RAW files at up to 30 frames per second with AE and AF tracking, and shooting options at 15 frames per second and 3 frames per second. The electronic shutter can also be used for the first time with Canon and third-party flashes. To overcome the traditional drawbacks of electronic blinds, Canon introduced high-frequency flicker detection and anti-flicker to detect and correct flickering light sources and avoid banding or color and lighting problems.

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To maximize control over various autofocus options, the EOS R3 offers three different ways to select the autofocus point: fast intelligent controller, precision multicontroller, and instinctive AF for eye control. Eye-controlled AF creates a more natural connection between the camera and photographer. This innovative and intuitive AF point selection method shifts the focus point to where the photographer sees it. In situations where stories can unfold quickly, this allows the photographer to instinctively focus on what's happening with his eyes.

Amazing video capabilities

Like the EOS R5, the EOS R3 meets the needs of photographers to capture the action in both high-quality photos and impressive high-definition videos. It offers powerful video capabilities by capturing footage in 6K 60p RAW resolution, which is 50% more detailed than 4K. With 6K CRM RAW files, exposure and white balance can be adjusted after shooting to ensure impressive image reproduction. It is now possible to record up to six hours of normal video or 1.5 hours at a high frame rate of 119.88/100p.

The EOS R3 is an ultra-fast, high-sensitivity camera that gives sports and news photographers the competitive edge they need to take winning photos.