Can you manage your time?

it was important and I was strongly convinced that his doubts resulted from a misunderstanding of the subject. manage your time.

Can you manage your time?
Can you manage your time?

This is the most questioned statement. I remember when I started teaching the subject of Time Management at the university. During this period, at a monthly staff meeting, an aged professor gave an exposition on pointless exercises for students. He devoted a large part to my subject, proving that he has not heard of such nonsense theories of how to live. How can you manage something that just is. After all, we are all given it, and it is impossible to increase the amount of time we receive from life each day. I did not give up. I knew it was important and I was strongly convinced that his doubts resulted from a misunderstanding of the subject. manage your time.

  • Maybe you don't know what time management is all about?
  • Perhaps you also have doubts and are exposed to some trick and fraud on this topic?
  • So I will try to show that the ability to manage time is one of the key to all other areas of life.

Is it possible to manage time?

The phrase "time management" is a bit awkward, because while money or a company can be managed by multiplying, developing and expanding a resource, we cannot increase the time. Nobody has that option. So the word to manage yourself (or your tasks, activities) in time is more appropriate to this activity. Time brings this term to the background. And he puts the focus on tasks and individual selection of tasks and activities for which we want to have time to the fore.

If we want to have time for something, we have to give up something that is less important (at the moment or from the point of view of our life), or something that is completely irrelevant and meaningless. This way we get to the heart of the matter: time management is the awareness of goals and the ability to choose and determine the time to complete tasks during the day, finding the time space to carry them out. It often involves giving up some of the tasks that are not important from the selectors' point of view.

What is time management?

In my opinion, the key in time management is what we want from life, what we want to achieve in it, where we are going. If we know what we want (it is important to define what we want, not what we don't), it is much easier to make daily choices - what to implement in the available time.

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Goals are the basis, but in order to make the right choices, it is worth knowing the methods that will be helpful and using tools that will facilitate and speed up the processes. So time management requires the awareness of the goals to be pursued and knowledge of the methods that will enable the daily work on the implementation of tasks. I hope you notice that time is of little importance here?

Time management is looking for the best way to achieve your goal in a limited time. It is also perseverance in the decision taken, despite many hostility and difficulties encountered on the road. It is also self-awareness of what is important to you, and that it does not have to be important to others. Moreover, it is about making a daily choice of what I have time to do and what not to do, and getting rid of remorse over not doing something.

Who is time management important for?

I am convinced that everyone should broaden their knowledge in this area. At each stage of life, you have different expectations of methods and tools, and you divide your time into other activities. Different solutions are needed by a parent of a small child, others by someone fighting for results at work and promotion up the career ladder, and others by a business owner. Everyone pursues different goals and activities, but also has different priorities and expectations. On the other hand, everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, decides what activities they have time for during the day and which they do not. Knowing that time can be managed and how to do it protects you from remorse and frustration, because you don't have time to do anything you want, as well as from feeling guilty and discouraged that you don't get done what you should.

The ability to manage your tasks over time is all the more important nowadays as we have an idea for a perfect life on each side. Just open Facebook or Instagram, full of people willing to share their recipes for happiness, for raising children, for finding love or making a fortune. But for us, their point of view and their goals do not have to be so important. After all, everyone has their own hierarchy of values ‹‹and their own aspirations, as well as their own definition of happiness. Time management is about looking for time for our goals and our important matters, not catching up on everything that a momentary fad or fascination throws at us.