Camps for children and youth - which ones are worth choosing?

Camps for children and adolescents are an ideal idea to provide a teenager with active and developing rest in the country or abroad.

Camps for children and youth - which ones are worth choosing?
Camps for children and youth - which ones are worth choosing?

Camps for children and adolescents are an ideal idea to provide a teenager with active and developing rest in the country or abroad. Check in our article what are the most popular theme camps and decide which one is worth sending your child to.

Youth camps - how to find the perfect one?

A camp is a great way to organize an active and creative holiday time for your child or teen. When choosing a youth camp for your child, you should take into account their interests - if they are afraid of insects or do not like open water, a survival camp may not be the best idea. The organizer is also an extremely important issue - it is best if it is a company specializing in trips dedicated to children and young people, which meets all safety standards and provides the highest level of stay conditions. One should also consider the destination - camps organized in the country are recommended for the first independent trip.

The camp and the colonies - how do they differ?

Many parents who plan to send their child on his first independent vacation wonder what the difference is between a camp and a colony. Simply put, summer camps are a holiday trip without a specific program, usually intended for younger children aged 7 to 12. The group is looked after by tutors, educators and teachers. Thematic camps, in turn, are dedicated to young people between 12 and 18 years of age, and the program focuses on various activities related to sports, art, military, culture and others. Classes are conducted by specialists in their fields. However, this is not a rule and you can also meet with camps for toddlers and camps for teenagers as often

Theme camps - which ones are worth choosing to have a perfect holiday?

The offer of thematic camps for children is very rich. Parents and their children can choose from trips, the leitmotif of which is sport, art, culture, language learning, modern technologies and many more. See what youth camps to consider when planning a vacation for your child.

Survival camps

Survival means the art of survival in extremely difficult conditions - in the forest, in the desert, in the jungle or in the mountains. Survival camps for children and teenagers have been one of the most popular for several years. Participants have the opportunity to learn different ways of lighting a fire (e.g. with flint, kindling, fire drill), building a shelter and elements necessary in the camp (e.g. table, bunk, bench, cutlery, bowls, cups), obtaining and filtering water, preparing meals, as well as ways of calling for help. They also have a chance to broaden their knowledge of poisonous and edible plants and fungi, using the compass, reading maps, field studies and patrol signs. Depending on the organizer, the program may also include activities such as:

  • Field games,
  • Kayaking,
  • Archery,
  • Paintball,
  • Climbing wall,
  • Rope classes,
  • Night in the forest,
  • Pre-medical first aid course.

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Military camps

A military camp can be a great idea for a child or teenager who dreams of becoming a soldier. Within a dozen or so days, he has a chance to learn the art of camouflage, shooting with pneumatic weapons and a bow, tying knots and strands, elements of martial arts (e.g. hand-to-hand combat, overpowering an attacker), using military codes, using a walkie-talkie, setting traps, overcoming obstacles , crossing wetlands or making noiseless movements. In addition, participants take part in a first aid and self-defense course, take part in game using replicas of firearms, and take drill lessons.

There is also an offer of military camps aimed at students of uniformed classes or military schools. Their program includes intensive shooting training under the supervision of masters, drill classes, and elements of survival. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to shoot firearms of various calibers, dressing shot wounds or the construction and operation of weapons. Practical classes constitute the vast majority of the training. Depending on the organizer, participants may be able to obtain a license from the Sports Shooting Association. Other activities planned during the camp include paintball, laser tag and mountaineering.

Art camps

Art camps were created for those children who are interested in drawing and painting, sculpture, ceramics and comics. Depending on the selected program, participants take a short course in art history, learn about the biographies of the most eminent artists, as well as unusual and classic painting techniques, and also look for inspiration for their own works. Drawing classes include, for example, still life study, outdoor painting, model drawing, quick sketches, drawing caricature and comics, plaster and clay sculpture, pottery workshops, calligraphy, decoupage and many others. Art camps develop creativity, allow you to try your hand at new techniques, and polish your painting and drawing skills. They will be a great choice for children and teenagers who love to spend their free time in creative activities.

Sports camps

Another offer for teenagers who cannot imagine a day without physical activity are sports camps: football, dancing, swimming, sailing, climbing, basketball, volleyball and fitness. In addition, young athletes can choose trips focused on practicing yoga and mindfulness, cross fit, running or playing tennis. Sports camps strengthen the physical condition; promote a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Language camps

In summer, many people like to choose holiday language courses, where they learn to have free conversations with foreigners and get to know the culture of a given country. Language learning can also be combined with foreign or domestic trips. Language camps are intended for children and young people who want to spend their free time productively. The program provides for the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Popular destinations are Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain and Ireland. Participants of a youth camp abroad have the opportunity to make international friendships, gain self-confidence while speaking a foreign language, try local cuisine, learn about the culture of a given country and visit the most interesting places.

Gaming camps

For some parents, the idea of ‹‹a gaming trip may seem incomprehensible. After all, a camp for children should be about communing with nature and detoxing from electronic devices. Contrary to appearances, gaming camps, i.e. focused on computer games, are very popular. Their participants take part in tournaments of cult games such as, Counter Strike, FIFA, Call of Duty, Fortnight, Mine craft ,they can travel to the cyber world with the help of a VR helmet. The gaming camp is not only about games, but also education in the field of online safety and the dangers of excessive computer use. Depending on the organizer, participants take part in workshops on robotics and 3D printer operation, a tournament of remote-controlled planes, play beach volleyball and swim in the swimming pool.