Budget True Wireless headphones

listening to music but also for participating in phone calls, video conferences and even online classes. Budget True Wireless headphones.

Budget True Wireless headphones
Budget True Wireless headphones

Their reasonable price and youthful designs make them suitable for young people and teenagers, or as a first device of its kind. The arrival of Apple's Air Pods made small, fully wireless earphones popular; known as True Wireless. In fact, practically all manufacturers include them in their catalog. They are ideal for listening to music but also for participating in phone calls, video conferences and even online classes. Budget True Wireless headphones.

Energy System style 7

Its design ensures that they are well secured in the ears and that they do not fall even if sudden movements are made; Of course, they are not suitable for practicing sports, as they do not have resistance to sweat or splashes of water.

Controlling them is very simple: they have a touch panel that, depending on the touches made on its surface, allows you to answer or reject calls, change songs, increase the volume ... and even activate the smart assistant of the mobile device. In addition, and thanks to the incorporation of a proximity sensor, they are able to recognize when you take them off or put them on, to stop or resume playback automatically. One detail: it is not necessary to use both at the same time, they can be used independently.

With an autonomy of about 6 hours that extends up to 21 when using its case, it includes two microphones that make hands-free conversations very clear for both parties. In terms of sound quality, it is very tight, with a clear absence of low frequency reproduction. The possibility of making some adjustments in this regard stands out, for which it is necessary to use the My Music app, only available for Android devices.

The best

  • They are very comfortable, have an intuitive operation and offer hands-free calls with good sound quality.


  • Although they offer the possibility of equalizing the sound through an app, it is only compatible with Android. Also, its charging cable is too short.

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins Tip

They are available in two versions: one without and one with silicone ear cushions. We had the opportunity to test the second option, the Twins Tip model. They fit snugly in the ear and stay secure, offering tight sound quality during music playback. Somewhat worse are the sensations during hands-free calls, in which, above all, our interlocutor will not hear us in the clearest way. The Twins are also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, and are controlled by touch on their touch surface.

With an autonomy of 4 hours extendable up to 24 hours, its charging case informs at all times of the remaining battery thanks to a set of LED lights. This case can also be charged wirelessly thanks to Qi technology; an unusual feature in this price range.

The best

  • Their case can be recharged completely wirelessly, they are available in a wide variety of colors and are extremely comfortable.


  • Its audio quality is tight, especially during calls.

Realme Buds Air Neo

Its design is (very) reminiscent of Apple's Air Pods. It is one of the most economical models and makes some concessions in the materials used for its construction, in its sound quality, autonomy (3 hours in the headphones, 17 with the case) or in the basics of its functions, although it has some very interesting.

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Thus, they have IPX4 resistance (to sweat and water) and are compatible with Google Fast Pair, which make their connection with Android phones as fast as opening them; the smartphone will detect them and they will be linked immediately. Precisely, they are specially designed for use with this operating system. It is not that they are not compatible with iOS, but there are many things that will not be able to be done in that case. And to update them, customize the gestures, check the remaining autonomy and activate some of its functions, it is necessary to have an app (Realme Link) that is only available on Android. An essential, in this case, is the Gaming Mode, which reduces latency so that we do not notice a lack of synchronization between image and video when we use them to play or watch multimedia content. And it is essential, because otherwise it shows a lot. The same is true for the Bass Boost mode, which substantially improves sound quality.

The best

  • They are resistant to splashes and are complemented by an app that allows you to activate some functions that improve the quality of your sound significantly.


  • The app is only compatible with Android and its autonomy is very limited.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo

Available in various colors, they are resistant to splashes, dust and sweat (they have IP55 protection) and compatible with Tile: an application that allows them to be located in case of loss. Thus, once activated, they can be made to sound, see their location on a map, or use Tile's global network to find them.

Its control is based on a single button located on the outside of the headphones: one press starts playback; a longer one forwards or backwards the song (depending on whether the left or right is pressed); two taps in a row raise or lower the volume ... During music playback they offer a sound that is not bad considering its price, without distortions and quite clear highs.

Made of rigid plastic, they come with three sets of interchangeable silicone ear cushions and offer 5 hours of autonomy. They are accompanied by a cover to store them and recharge their battery in the same color, which offers up to 19 additional hours of autonomy. As it includes a fast charging system, they also get an extra two hours of playback in 10 minutes in the case.

The best

  • They are resistant to water and sweat, and have a fast charging system that offers two hours of playback in 10 minutes in the case.


  • Although its sound is not bad considering its price, we miss depth in the bass.

Sony WF-XB700

Without a doubt, they are the right choice when you want to enjoy good sound quality at a reasonable price. These True Wireless headphones are the ones that stand out the most in this aspect of the comparison by far: the audio they offer is very balanced, with detailed highs, warm and rich mids, strong bass...

They are also compatible with smart assistants, have IPX4 certification that allows their use for sports (although they are not a sports model) and offer an autonomy of 9 hours, which are completed with another 9 through the charging base.

To maintain this quality at this price, yes, Sony has had to make some concessions that, on a day-to-day basis, compensate. For example, the material used to manufacture the device is polycarbonate and they do not have a touch button to control it. In return, they are light and ergonomic and have a button that allows you to perform the basic functions.

The best

  • Its sound quality, with a frequency response at the level of much more expensive models; and autonomy.


  • It dispenses with the touch button for its control.

OnePlus Buds

When they are used for the first time, two things are surprising: that they are not very ergonomic but that the quality of the music that is achieved with them is remarkable in this price range. Of course, they do not isolate practically anything from outside noise. In addition, they offer good autonomy (7 hours of playback and a total of 30 thanks to their case) and have a fast charge function that allows one hour of music with 10 minutes in their case.

They are compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, we find that to get the most out of them it is essential to have a OnePlus mobile. If this is the case, we will be able to access the updates sooner (and that they are done by OTA, that is, without cables), we will enjoy compatibility with Dolby Atmos, they are paired instantly and we can customize the touch controls to control the playback. Otherwise it is not possible. Ah! They can also be found thanks to a location function that makes them emit a sound.

The best

  • Good sound quality and autonomy.


  • To get the most out of them, it is essential to use them with a mobile from the same brand.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

As their name suggests, they are very basic and are intended for users who want to forget about worries (put them on and go) and do not mind giving up sound quality in exchange for a reasonable price. And it is that they tend to distort when the volume is raised beyond 70% and they do not sound too loud, so in very noisy environments a little more power is needed. The same is true during calls.

They are very light and comfortable, although their price range is noticeable in the construction and materials used. Both headphones have a touch surface to control them. It also has its limits: it only supports two taps on one or the other to pause the music or activate the virtual assistant; when they are called in and a call is being received, they go off-hook. Nothing to pass songs or control the volume, and there is no possibility to customize it.

They offer an autonomy of 5 hours, 20 with the case: this add-on does not have any system to report the remaining autonomy. We only know that it is starting to run out because an LED on the front goes from fixed to flashing.

The best

  • They are very comfortable and have a good autonomy, as well as a reasonable price.


  • The sound and build quality.