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Biggest Science Discoveries Of 2020

Biggest Science Discoveries Of 2020
Biggest Science Discoveries Of 2020

2020 has been a slow year for research and development around the world. This is mainly due to the pandemic. Most of the scientific community is still focusing their efforts on the pandemic and corona virus and finding a suitable treatment and action plan for it. This has led to the scientific world not developing a lot of research and discoveries for the year 2020. However, there still have been many contributions and new things in the world of science which are worth talking about as they can the change the world. Biggest Science Discoveries Of 2020.

The first thing that must be talked about is a scientific innovation which has eld to the creation of the first prosthetic limb which can be controlled by the nerves present in your brain. This means that the limb can literally be used to walk with h thought. This is a pivotal discovery as it paves the way for future research and development into prosthetics which have been a part of the community for a long time.

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Prosthetics have always been an important part to develop as a lot of humans are missing one body part or the other and having cheap prosthetics which function the same as an arm or a leg is something scientists is working hard to replace as it will lead to a much better quality of life for a large number of individuals. Moreover, another scientific discovery of 2020 is the research regarding the pandemic and the corona virus vaccine.

Pfizer has teamed up with two scientists in order to isolate the COVID 19 genome and thus create a vaccination that is somewhat successful in eradicating the effects of the disease which has led toa huge public reception and happiness as it is a glimmer of hope in a very long dry spell in terms of the scientific world.

The scientific world has generally been very quick when it comes to research and innovation, however, with the introduction of the pandemic, the pace ahs slowed down quite a bit. However, the community is getting back together and is now actively contributing with their scientific discoveries in 2020.