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Beware of a child before seven who may face ADHD symptoms

Beware of a child before seven who may face ADHD symptoms
Beware of a child before seven who may face ADHD symptoms

A child is blessing of God to human beings as it is a process of continuity of life on earth of human species and one can observe that these new born babies have different features of body, color, sex and having some inborn qualities and diseases. Beware of a child before seven who may face ADHD symptoms.

Normally a kid forgets his routine homework, and less practical, whereas seldom skip the dinner which is not a sign of worry but if parents closely observe that their child behavior is less attentive, undisciplined, troublemakers and lazy at home, school, playground and every time and everywhere than this may be the sign of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which is one of neuro development disorder disease.

Usually the picture of ADHD child in people minds is that a child who is totally out of control and disrupting everything but signs of ADHD are not the same in every affected child some remain quiet and some are hyperactive but both remain inattentive. Hyperactive children usually overactive and hardly shift to something else while some mildly inattentive but over impulsive. Therefore, ADHD child’s life can be very difficult it is full of stress and overwhelm, but as a parent you can lessen the symptoms and bring control, and to manage routine challenges, to find full calmness in your family life.

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But if ADHD symptoms are left untreated than it will causes many problems like child will have less focus and control on routine school tasks and child cannot get out of troubles, and he will face difficulty in making friendships. These stressful situation leads to unmotivated life and left child in hot waters but treatment of ADHD symptoms will bring a lot of success in all areas of life of child.

A professional doctor can really help out a child with ADHD life and turned child life to better state of mind, otherwise these symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity will diagnose the ADHD and these symptoms can be cured by therapy, balance diet, physical activity and change home environment.

But these symptoms in children can be found other than ADHD because in some medical conditions including thyroid problems, neurological conditions, epilepsy, and sleep disorders., like psychological disorders including anxietydepression, or bipolar disorder., and stressful life events or traumatic experiences, such as a recent move, death of a loved one, bullying, or divorce also have same symptoms. ADHD symptoms are not a sign of bad parents but effective treatment for ADHD includes therapy, parent teaching and training, support and love, and help at school. Medicine is also used for attention deficit disorder treatment.