Better communication - three innovative techniques

Better communication is one of the ways to make your life easier and increase your satisfaction. Many of our difficulties with others,

Better communication - three innovative techniques
Better communication - three innovative techniques

Better communication is one of the ways to make your life easier and increase your satisfaction. Many of our difficulties with others, and even with ourselves, are due to our inability to communicate. This is a crucial area because we tell the world who we are through verbal and non-verbal language.

Better communication facilitates and supports mutual understanding. Therefore, communication gives us the ability to understand ourselves and understand others. Good communication allows us to express what we want to express at the right time. It allows others to correctly interpret the message we are trying to convey.

Of course, communication requires that you listen to and interpret what others are trying to convey to us. It sounds simple, but it is not. To achieve this, you need to get rid of superstitions, prejudices and filters that can distort what people say.

The best reason to invest energy in this task is that better communication increases quality of life. When you express yourself authentically, you feel freer. Your workload is reduced. Nothing heavy that you haven't said will choke you inside. We'll show you three techniques that can help you improve your communication skills.

  1. Better Communication Strategy: Substitution

This better communication strategy involves changing expressions, gestures and behaviors. We all have a certain internal thermometer or intuition that sounds an alarm when we think we are communicating badly.

The idea is to identify which elements come into play when communication with others is not effective. You should focus on the possible failures of your interlocutor. At what time did the mismatch occur? Did you use words or phrases that disturbed the other person? What gesture, language and articalure did you use?

You can learn valuable lessons that will help you communicate better by asking yourself these questions. All of this is intended to replace those negative behaviors that keep you from being assertive about communicating.

  1. Better communication - increase or decrease

Improving communication is geared towards the intensity or quantity of your expressions. To communicate better, identify what is missing from the expressions.

Basically, the idea is for you to focus on the basic unit: the word. Do you use few or many words? Or are you using enough words to understand them, or are you just trying to use what you need? Do you work out even the smallest details so that the other party understands you better?

If you want to communicate better, you need to check your non-verbal language. You may also have an excess or a cavity in this area. If there is very little expression, it may be because you are not committed enough to what you are trying to say.

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Maybe you don't have the confidence to express your feelings. If this expression is excessive, it is possible that your way of communicating is intimidating or suffocating other people's communications.

  1. Elimination and better communication

There are aspects that are part of our way of being. You cannot and should not get rid of them because they are an essential part of your identity. However, there are also behaviors that need to be eliminated if your goal is better communication. Among these behaviors is the fear of expressing yourself to others.

The fear of communicating what we think or feel is rooted in neuroticism. People should be able to express themselves under all circumstances. What we can choose is how we express ourselves. True, not everyone is proficient in communication. However, we should all be able to express what is in our inner world to others.

That way it's better to eliminate (or at least try to) the behaviors that keep us quiet when we really want to speak. Each person should be able to speak when they want to. It is a decision that requires strength and character, but is well worth the effort.

These three techniques will help you communicate better as long as you follow and externalize them. It is worth doing this because better communication enriches your relationships with others. You will also be able to improve your internal dialogue and initiate behaviors in a more consistent manner with your values ‹‹and interests.