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Best free short courses available right now

Best free short courses available right now
Best free short courses available right now

Short courses have become the bread and butter of the skills industry. This is when individuals rely on their skills in a particular aspect whether it be cooking or coding to freelance or to pursue a career or get a job just like anyone with a degree. Short courses also have a secondary purpose of highlighting or enhancing the CV of a potential candidate providing them with the edge they might need to secure a seat in a competitive job marketplace. Best free short courses available right now.

Short courses have become extremely popular in the recent years with the rise of online learning and general video conference learning. However, COVID 19 has become the biggest factor for the rise in short courses as many people have flocked to learning through short courses and not procrastinating or wasting their time in useless or mundane activities.

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This has generally had a positive effect on the society and the workplace as more people aware of concepts of economics, computing and general life skills and has thus created a more integrated and liberal workspace where more individuals are able to understand and comprehend the profession of the other. Short courses generally tend to revolve around skills that are important to have a basic knowledge of. There are no real advanced level short courses but there is a plethora of courses that are aimed at absolute beginners.

This means that the best free courses generally are those for the likes of coding, where individuals can learn how to read and write basic code and comprehend the basics of computer science and programing. Another important factor is marketing and social media management where people can learn the various aspects of social media management and marketing and apply it to their own businesses to boost sales.

Free short courses are available on websites like coursera and larger full length  degree courses are available on MIT open course lab and other websites with free certifications available and an actual recognition from a reputed university with only a small fees for these short courses that are available right now.