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Benefits of writing a diary

Start enjoying life! Disconnect from work and think about yourself!
Start enjoying life! Disconnect from work and think about yourself!

Diary writing has been a daily chore for many people for many years. writing one’s routine in a diary daily requires patience. Those who write personal diaries are in fact recording their life. Maintaining a daily diary is a soothing practice for mind as one recalls all the experiences, emotions and events that happened during the day.

Everything, good or bad, is written on diary. Following a thought process about why you do not want to write certain things helps you relax and you get to know the reasons behind your behaviour. Writing a diary is a catharsis, it gives our feelings an outlet. Those who jot down everything about their live gain the ability to introspect and get in touch with their inner feelings.

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Ann Frank the famous girl behind The Diary of a Young Girl writes, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” When we give words to our feelings, we kick start the area of the brain that helps us rationalize our ideas and impressions. Anything that makes you upset must be written down because it will provide you the right kind of perspective.

Research ahs shown us that putting our thoughts and emotions into words helps the brain area involved in controlling intensity of feelings. With privacy becoming a threat, keeping a diary gives you the privilege of being private.

Whatever you cannot share with anyone else, can be written in diary; over time our thought process gets strengthened, mature and intense. Diaries also help to keep a track of life events. It is humbling practice that reveals the way you think about your family, relatives and friends.