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Benefits of Hosting on A Linux Server

Benefits of Hosting on A Linux Server
Benefits of Hosting on A Linux Server

Linux is an open source operating system that is extremely well made and customizable. The Linux Operating System is used around the world for personal and professional reasons. The operating system is jam packed with features but can be stripped off all of them if the user wants to. Moreover, the system is completely open source which allows open source developers to develop distros or distributions for various projects and applications that they might deem useful or interesting for the particular operating system. So, a Linux Server offers a lot of versatility and freedom in terms of customization. Benefits of Hosting on A Linux Server.

Secondly, and most importantly is the fact that a Linux Server is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts like Windows or MacOS. Linux is built on a very low level design and is integrated vertically with all of its drivers and features. It does not rely on a lot of processes and even if it did all of them can be removed by a server professional if they wanted maximum performance. Moreover, many Linux distros are available that cater specifically to the niche of having high performance server.

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When talking about thee distros, it is important to discuss that the servers can be loaded with any kind of software that the server user might need as there always is a project they can use or GitHUB or hosted on any other open source website. This means that people who use a Linux Server can expect peak performance and customizability while also getting more options in terms of features and future updates than most Windows Systems. Moreover, Linux is arguably more secure since it is completely integrated and has proper mechanisms to ensure there is no data theft or phishing happening.

Since Linux has a lower clientele than windows, less viruses and hacks have been developed for it which means that there is a higher chance of your Windows System being infected with a virus than it would be if it were a Linux. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for you to host on a Linux Server.