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Avoid tired eyes in front of the screen

Avoid tired eyes in front of the screen
Avoid tired eyes in front of the screen

If you make sure that the light on the screen adapts to the time of day, it can work miracles for the night’s sleep and your eyes. Here we show you how to adjust the screen on your computer and mobile. Avoid tired eyes in front of the screen.

Have you ever thought that those who use their mobile in the evening look slightly bluish in the light from the screen, or that you can be dazzled if you sit down at the computer late at night?

Both the monitor and the screen on the mobile have a bluish (cold) light as a starting point. It works well as long as it is daylight because the screen is designed to emit the same type of light as the sun – a light that the eyes have already gotten used to. However, it is not good if the screen emits the same type of light in the evening or at night. Then a warmer, slightly yellowish light is better for the eyes than the cold bluish.

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In recent years, screen manufacturers have become extra aware of screen lights. We spend more and more time at our screens, which means that the health effects have become more and more in focus. An example of the IT industry’s interest in screen lights is what is usually called dark mode, a function on smartphones where it is possible to switch to a dark mode where the background color is black and not white. The same idea is used in many apps and via browser extensions that make the background black and the text white, which is more restful to the eyes.

In our guide, however, the focus is on your own ability to adjust the light on the screen depending on what time of day it is. According to the experts, this has a greater positive effect than switching to a dark position. There is no well-functioning automatic light control in Windows, so we show you how to use the Flux program available in the Benefit Zone for this purpose. We also show you how to make the best use of the built-in screen tools available in your iPhone or Android mobile.