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Autumn not only on the couch. Get in shape!

Autumn not only on the couch. Get in shape!
Autumn not only on the couch. Get in shape!

One of the suggested solutions was movement. Today we expand on this topic by giving some examples of autumn activity. Autumn does not encourage intense activity outside the four walls of our apartments. The closer to winter, the less time we want to spend outside – we prefer to move between school or work and home. The rulers of our free time are then TV series, the Internet, books and, above all, the queen – the couch. A warm blanket, warming tea and pleasant company (human or animal) is the perfect opportunity to spend an afternoon when it’s gray and drab outside. However, if we want to keep the form worked out in the summer and ensure immunity, and at the same time protect our body from undesirable gain, we should not postpone physical activities until spring. Here are some fall ideas to keep us going.

Autumn bicycle tours

Autumn is a great time for bike rides. Park alleys and forest paths sparkling with a riot of autumn colors will provide us with an unforgettable experience of aesthetic nature. This is an opportunity to take some attractive photos that will decorate our social media profiles. However, it should not be forgotten that traffic is the main point of cycling trips, and stops should only be used for regeneration.

If we do not have time or conditions for regular trips, try to use the bike to a limited extent, e.g. for small shopping, work or gym use.

Let’s not forget about the appropriate equipment of the bicycle. For the safety of ours and other road users, we should ensure that our two-wheeled means of transport has adequate lighting, visible reflections, efficient brakes and fenders (in autumn the probability of running into a puddle is particularly high). Let’s also be careful with speed – skidding on wet leaves or running into an obstacle hidden under them can end up really boring.

Gym, fitness, swimming pool etc.

If we prefer to exercise indoors, let’s do it in places that will guarantee us good conditions, adequate support from the trainer and efficient training equipment. We have many options to choose from, including a fitness club, local gym, swimming pool, squash, dance lessons or a climbing wall. In most of these places, we can practice solo or under the supervision of qualified trainers during organized classes. What’s more, these are new opportunities to meet new friends and relieve stress after a day of work or study.

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Walk or run

If a bike and a gym are out of the question, why not take a walk? Less than 40 minutes of walking is enough to gain new energy. In turn, every 1.6 kilometers, or about 2,000 steps, is 100 calories lost. It’s worth walking! People who need additional motivation or – if you prefer – fuel necessary for such walks, can “recharge” their favorite music, interesting podcasts or audiobooks. We also recommend choosing new paths that will allow us to discover places so far unnoticed by us. Who knows, maybe they too will inspire us to an interesting photo session or other form of creative expression?

Let’s remember about appropriate clothes. When it’s cold, let’s put on a hat, gloves, a warmer sweatshirt and comfortable, waterproof footwear on a solid sole. A great solution will be clothes made of thermo active materials, in which we will not feel unpleasant cold when we sweat.

Watch out for smog! The burning of stoves begins in autumn, so the level of harmful substances in the air can be dangerous to our health. Those who are determined will probably get special anti-smog masks, for others we recommend taking a walk in the afternoon hours or in the early afternoon, when there are still no clouds of smoke coming out of the chimneys. It is worth downloading an application to your phone that will inform us about the current air condition and choose the day and time of the walk to avoid the greatest pollution. We pay special attention to the indicators PM 2.5 and PM 10.

Or maybe just in the apartment?

Our four angles can also turn into an improvised exercise room. For this purpose, it is good to go shopping, from which we will come back equipped with an iron training set, i.e. a fitness ball, weights with a suitable weight. Let’s not forget the foam mat and good-quality exercise clothes. If we have the right amount of space, we can try to buy a stationary bike, stepper or sit-up bench. The trainer will be provided by the Internet. On YouTube you will find a wealth of videos recorded by professionals who share their valuable knowledge as a hobby. Not difficult for one who wants it!