Assemble a computer or buy a ready one?

complete the equipment yourself? What is the better choice and what will we pay less for? Assemble a computer or buy a ready one?

Assemble a computer or buy a ready one?
Assemble a computer or buy a ready one?

Do you trust professionals or complete the equipment yourself? What is the better choice and what will we pay less for? Assemble a computer or buy a ready one?

Due to the freedom of choice, "compilations" have many supporters. However, is completing all equipment for everyone? Before you make a decision, think about what you want to use the computer for and what your skills are.

Folder or ready?

In fact, you have three choices: buy a finished computer, assemble it yourself, or have it built. In finished computers, the configurations are usually balanced, the operating system is pre-installed, and we can count on a warranty and customer service. Let's not forget, however, that these are mass-produced devices and often have poor components that were not advertised, and that the manufacturer saved on. In addition, some kits are not suitable for future expansion due to non-detachable, sealed covers or the threat of warranty violation after manipulating the system settings.

As for the so-called Folders, sellers often mention that self-built computers break easily, and the parts are not compatible with each other. Of course, this may happen and the components will not work to their full potential, but only if you are completely unfamiliar with the selection of equipment and you do not know what you are doing with it. Then, still driven by the desire to buy a set consisting of many elements, you can decide on the last option, i.e. order and pay a professional for help in constructing a computer that satisfies you.

What to pay attention to when folding?

People still hesitate to make a decision to build a computer. It's not that hard if you have a good understanding of the components and a fixed parts list. This is a slightly cheaper option than choosing a ready-made product that you are satisfied with, although it is more time-consuming. Such an experience can also bring a lot of satisfaction - we learn and learn more about the equipment, for which we often allocate not a small budget, and the end result in terms of not only aesthetics, but above all performance is ultimately satisfactory.

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In this case, if you do not want a boring case, you have an influence on the selection from the level of screws, through processing and graphics performance, to housing design and cooling options. You can also shop around for the best price for each of the selected components. It is easy to find information on the Internet with comprehensive lists of parts needed for construction, broken down into different budget segments, or video guides. Information in such places is usually comprehensive and legible. The trick is the proper selection of components. Remember that the most important thing before buying is to check if all computer parts are compatible with each other. Do not buy them under the influence of emotions, if you have not previously assembled such equipment.

What to consider when choosing a ready computer?

If you have bet on a ready-made desktop computer, do not buy it on auction portals from suspicious users (especially if you are not familiar with the equipment). Better to bet on well-known manufacturers and stores that care about the quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately, in devices from anonymous sellers you can find aftermarket parts, weak components and power supplies, and inappropriate motherboards. Therefore, it is very important that you double-check the specifications. If you are inexperienced, ask a colleague who is proficient in the subject for help. Also think about what you will be using the new set for. If you play games, you will pay more attention to your graphics card than the user who just wants to browse the Internet. For an office computer, you only need an average processor and 8 GB RAM. If you focus on multimedia, invest in a large drive. In fact, the most important things when choosing a ready-made product are:



Graphics Card


Hard drive

Power Supply

Your budget is decisive here.