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Are smartphones useful for older aged individuals?

Are smartphones useful for older aged individuals?
Are smartphones useful for older aged individuals?

Smartphone shave become increasingly common and popular since the last decade almost becoming an essential for anyone who wishes to properly operate in the 21st century. However, one forgets to mention an important stratum of our society when talking about new technology. Individuals who are old. These individuals have spent most of their live not being routed by the confines or the freedom of technology and have thus built their lives around not relying on technology or smartphone as much as younger generation. Examples would include remembering phone numbers instead of saving them in their contacts, always remembering directions etc. smartphones useful for older aged individuals.

Smartphones are extremely useful for the older generation especially as they have gotten much more user-friendly over the past couple of years due to the increase of accessibility options available in these phones. These accessibility options do not include quality of life features such as Siri or Google Assistant which are extremely helpful for older less mobile people who are unable to do some of their tasks on their own anymore, These include calling their loved ones, sending messages, setting alarms, looking up recipes, setting up reminders etc.

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Phone accessibility options for older aged individuals in smartphones have gotten much better as well, now there are proper magnifiers, high contrast options, zoomed options, easy mode user interfaces, talk back, speech recognition and much better haptic feedback for even blind and disabled individuals as well. This has led to the smartphone now being used by people who could not ever imagine of using it in their proper dexterity. Older aged individuals should indeed benefit for this welcome change as it brings them to a new era of ease into their life something which they greatly so desire and deserve.

Older aged individuals should use smartphone simply because they are now more convenient than most of the olden ways to do things whether it might be setting alarms or remembering the contact numbers of your loved ones. While they might create dependency, it is okay for humans to be dependent on things they invented in order to make their life better.