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Are our educational policies effective in 2020?

Are our educational policies effective in 2020?
Are our educational policies effective in 2020?

Education Policies for 2020 have been very ironclad and focused on dealing with the current pandemic worldwide and specifically in the region. Due to this, most education policies have focused on maintaining proper social distancing, implementing new educational ideas and reinforcing the fact that students must stay home as much as possible. educational policies effective in 2020.

Moreover, leniency on examinations and admissions have also been given as most universities have not scheduled their entry tests and have rather relied on open merit schemes in order to ensure proper accreditation and admission to various universities. Educational Policies for 2020 have also relied on introducing policies and directives for teachers and educators as well.

These educational policies in 2020 range from properly assessing and understanding means of teaching students online and also limiting the physical interaction a course requires as much as possible. Higher education degrees have introduced new policies which limit the amount of time a student has to go to their institute in order to receive and get their degree accredited by the HEC.

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These are welcome policy reforms as they ensure that children and educators are at lower risk to contracting the disease while they are safe and rested at home. Moreover, these educational policies in 2020 have also allowed leniencies in terms of student academics as now students are allowed to freeze their gap years without any repercussions due to the pandemic and if they feel unsafe coming to their institutions.

The HEC has also introduced different educational policies such as the introduction of completely online semesters for students who are more comfortable studying at home. Students who do not have access to the internet however, are facing difficulties coping up with the increasingly technically demanding courses as their areas are unable to provide them with suitable facilities to do so.

These educational policies in 2020 do not address their concerns which is extremely alarming as most of Pakistan suffers from a lack of facilities. Educational policies in 2020 have also been applauded worldwide for their quick response to the pandemic and the fact that they are keeping up with many Western countries in term of their policy making.