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Are mobile games destroying our youth?

Are mobile games destroying our youth?
Are mobile games destroying our youth?

Mobile games have become a pivotal part of any student’s life. Before mobile games were introduced, it was only the most hardcore of students who were huge fans of gaming who wanted to buy a PlayStation or an Xbox or a PC so that they can game. Nowadays, everyone has a phone and a light passion for gaming. This passion can sometimes translate into addiction for most students as they play games like PUBG and Fortnite continuously on their phone. Are mobile games destroying our youth.

The mobile gaming industry’s economy has risen significantly over the last couple of years. Even in third world countries, mobile games are making a ton of revenue and have become much bigger clientele over the last couple of years. This has led to a lot of developers flooding the iOS and Android markets with fake copies and ideas that do not make any sense for mobile games.

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While these are welcome thoughts, it was the addition of proper casual gameplay and games like Battle Royale genre that have led to the rise of mobile gaming. While everything done in a particular median is okay, mobile games have always been played at an extreme by court current youth. These individuals spend their entire morning or evening hours sitting Infront of their mobile phone wasting their precious time on a mobile game.

While this is okay in most cases, students must understand that their time is extremely valuable, and it should not be wasted on doing such stupid mundane activities. Mobile gaming will continue to be a dominant market in the industry especially with the rise of newer budget phones that have the features and performance of old flagships. This means that day by day mobile gaming is becoming more accessible to players.

Mobile gaming has destroyed our generation in many ways. The games have made them lazy and have also tiled them to have experiences they might not wish to have like getting their child to come off their mobile and trying to stop them from gaming at all times.