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Are brain scans even accurate?

Are brain scans even accurate?
Are brain scans even accurate?

Scientists are now moving away from brain scans in favor of more analytical results. Researchers and neurosurgeons are becoming increasingly aware and worried of brain scan studies done using MRI machines that indicate how our brain thinks and feels at any time. When a person is depressed, anxious or is suffering from any mental issues. Most would ask them a question which is quite heavy, are you considering suicide? In these times of turmoil, a group of scientists in 2009 looked at papers that showed different links between brain activity and different types of personalities. brain scans even accurate.

They mainly used different types of analysis techniques that reported only the most strongest links. However, they also led to different conclusions. Researchers concluded that a large amount of MRI results relied on methods that were not really accurate and were thus led to believe that there were seriously horrific research methods.

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The raw results of the scans without statistical correlations. In this year, Stanford university researchers had described what happened when they gave independent neuro scientists the same empirical data. They found out that the brain activity they recorded with the individual research methods used by each scientist led to different conclusions by each and everyone as there was no unified method of study. This has caused great distress in the status quo.

No two teams used the same methods and the researchers did not come to the same conclusion about what the data indicated about brain activity. The neuroscientists have then decided to stop using brain scans as the only method of identifying mental issues and to use different methods of research in order to reach a conclusion that is more accepted by the public. Most would argue that brain scans are still viable which they are.

Brain Scans are used mainly to find out if a person is suffering from an emotional or mental issue and what kind of neurons firing in the brain would lead to the conclusion. However, as science progresses, very real faults have been pointed out in this methodology.