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Are Apple iPhones too expensive?

Are Apple iPhones too expensive?
Are Apple iPhones too expensive?

Apple is known for producing premium quality luxury smartphones. However, with the advent of budget smartphones in the recent years; luxury or flagship smartphones have lost much of their value as mo9st budget phones can compete with better branded smartphones in  a large amount of the same things. iPhones, however, might still be an exception as they still have a large amount of their value simply because they are formed around a different eco-system. Apple iPhones too expensive.

Every budget phone inn the world currently is running some flavor of Android. This means that every phone in the world other than a phone that is produced by Apple runs some version of Android. So, if someone wants to use Apple’s eco system and their line of products they ultimately must buy an iPhone. This adds an incentive and a sense of premium to the iPhone which other phones cannot simply have as they run on the same operating system.

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Moreover, the operating system of an iPhone is exclusive to it. This means that anyone who owns an iPhone can only use the operating system that is authorized by Apple and therefore it has a lack of customizability which is countered by the large amount of new features and innovations that are exclusive to jus the iPhone. This has ultimately turned the Apple iPhone into a luxury device but is also a device that many wishes to buy simply because of its general exclusivity in terms of software and hardware and the fact that there is nothing like it. Apple’s budget friendly options have gotten a bit better over the years too however especially with the introduction of the iPhone 12 mini and 12 which are aimed for individuals who do not wish to invest so much money into the thousand dollar iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple’s phones are expensive for most people especially those living in third world countries. However, it has benefits and new features that no one can deny which makes it quite a good purchase and a worthy successor to the previous iPhone.